Pick up your tennis racket and get your revenge! Welcome to the most intense tennis match ever existed in entire Ninja history. Smash your way to defeat evil Ninja clan and get your sweet revenge. Features: . Super simple control, fast paced gameplay . Full of unexpected magic skills and stunning fatalities . Explore the hidden tennis courts of ancient Ninja clan . Epic boss battle

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Tennis Ninja: Revenge of Pong

‘Tennis Ninja’ is a action packed casual game for mobile, inspired by 70’s mega hit Pong.

We worked very hard to find a perfect balance between ‘retro fun’ and ‘modern UX’ for today’s mobile game environment. Goal of this game is simple. You must defeat the evil Ninja clan who massacred your clan and kidnapped your puppy by playing tennis of death(You’ll use blade and throwing star instead of tennis racket and ball). All characters, stages and story line are carefully designed to add extra dimension to the game. Tennis Ninja is available now at Google Play store and will be available at App store soon.

Game Title: Tennis Ninja: Revenge of Pong

Genre: Action, Arcade, Sports

Platform: Android (iOS version will be available at Nov 2016)

Price: Free

Download Link: Play.google.com

Promo Video: Youtube.com

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