Tempestas is a single-player or coop tower defense game. The weather is dynamic and plays a big role in the game as you collect heat/cold to buy/upgrade your towers. The game features rain, storms, sunny and snow. The weather is all procedural generated along with enemies to give you a fresh experience every time.

The game features a new and exciting artstyle based around my favorite artists:

The game is jam packed with features and will give you an excellent game experience. The game will be out 2014 but you can play a early version in the coming weeks.

Current Features:
- Wide Variety of Towers
- Melee and Shooting Weapons
- Cold/Heat based Game Mechanics
- Many Enemies to Battle
- Plus More!

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Tempestas Announcement


Hi All,

I'm pleased to announce my game "Tempestas". I've been working on it for the past few months part-time whenever i get free time. The game is created in Unity 3D and uses 2D toolkit for HUD aswell as various other plugins for little bits. The entire game is created by myself from the in-game sounds/music, art, code and design etc.

There is no explicit story in tempestas but the overall story is you are defending the books of the forbidden from getting destroyed by the underworld. You will battle devils, witchs, spiders, grim reapers and more. The idea behind the name "Tempestas" came from the greek god of weather.

The artstyle for the game is based on geometric patterns. Geometric patterns typically have hard edges. This gives the game a really new and exciting aesthetic. I wanted to try a game with a new artstyle as i can't sit and spend hours working on overly complex assets, plus photo-realistic is done alot already so there is no point competing for that market. I loved the work by many great geometric artists. These are a few of the inspirations for the project:

I wanted the gameplay in tempestas to be really fun and easily accessible for all players. The game will feature 3 difficulty's along with a leveling system to keep players entertained for many hours. The singleplayer will feature around 4-5 levels each taking around 30-50 mins to complete. Extra levels will be added in updates and multiplayer coop will be added in a future update. I want to add modding support in a future version which will allow you to create your own player skins, hats and maybe even custom weapon (models & stats).

You can play the alpha now. This is kept regularly updated but there maybe many bugs until the final version so be aware of them.

Thanks for Reading,
Hope you Enjoy Game.



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Kamikazi[Uk] Creator

Thanks :)

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