DISCLAIMER: This story is based on real live data collected trough solid scientific research conducted with permitting test subjects in a controlled environment, and due to the sensitive nature of the collected data,all material shall remain confidential.

Ever wondered what trees do for a hobby?

Well we did! So after meticulously studying the behavior of several test willing subjects that shall remain nameless, we could proudly develop a game that can in fact reproduce the common tree's favorite hobby: harvesting paint.


  • Extremely simple and frenetic game play.
  • Colorful graphics.
  • Highly goofy mood.
  • You can compete in the world wide league.
  • There is a way to get infinite stuff!

Get it on :

Facebook : Apps.facebook.com
Google Play : Play.google.com Apple AppStore : Itunes.apple.com
Amazon Apps : Amazon.com

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Since launch, many people have been asking for a non-mobile version of TAP, and so we decided to launch our game on Facebook, although it wasn't as linear as one would think...

We had some problems with mainly the interface, and we had to implement a new "Invite a friend" feature of course...

The main problems with the interface, was the fact that people weren't able to understand that features like, profile, leagues and feats existed...

We also decided to implement a "warning" that now tells the player when he completes a feat that can be redeemed.

Loading Screen on Facebook
Loading Screen used on facebook

We also optimized the loading times and even implemented key bindings to the power ups so people can feel more comfortable while playing on a PC instead of a mobile!

TAp's Bindings on facebook
Bindings on Facebook

With all these changes, we had around 35 new players joining the league!
It's not much but it's a big improvement with what we had!

We hope to hear everyone's feedback!

TAP's Launch!

TAP's Launch!

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We are finally launching TAP - Tree Addicted to Paint! Check it out!

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