Tactical Intervention, also known as TI, was first released and published in 2013 in a beta-worthy state.

Back then, it was bad. Not even the so bad it's good kind of bad, just bad.

Since then, it has seen a lot of improvement, thousands of work hours and massive optimizing. We have spent a lot of time improving performance, looks and networking, polishing hitboxes, clipping and collisions and fixing the recoil and weapon spread as well as providing you with fresh content and other goodies.

We've spent more than half a year working on this patch, so we really do hope you can enjoy it.

TI is an FPS with a huge amount of features, content and eastereggs, and it runs a lot smoother and quicker, it looks and plays much better than it used to do when you might have first seen, heard or even played it.

Expect to have fun and a very, very good time instead of frustration, disorientation and agony.

Oh, and - bring friends. ;)

Looking to build up a community and benefit from feedback and input from fellow artists, we have decided to take it to IndieDB and share our Work in Progress with you.

Best regards,

The Devs.

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TI Pitch Image

We tried to make the Kickstarter campaign work - however, the odds were against us.

So we looked into it, gave it a thorough review by experts, and learned from our mistakes.

We learned even more, because the list of our mistakes was pretty long.

And drew the conclusions.

And then, we re-launched on another platform, with the majority of the flaws fixed, and, hopefully, a very good chance to work out:


We have written up a "Postmortem" for the ModDB- / IndieDB-Community, and maybe it will help some of you avoid the mistakes we've made and the sleepless nights that followed them:

TI-Kickstarter Postmortem

In other news, we've worked a lot on our game art over the past weeks, and we're in the process of balancing our maps - after all, we DO have a working alpha on our NA server now.

Here's a reel showcasing some of our alpha footage that hasn't been part of the campaign video; we're also working on another one illustrating gameplay on our "Innercity" map, recorded less than a week ago.

If you're interested in joining the alpha testing, please leave us a comment under this article and we'll give you access to everything.




The next big thing for us to work on are the TI cars.

We want to wish all of you a good start into the month of December, and if you have any questions regarding our crowdfunding experiences, please don't hesitate to ask!

Best regards,

The TIR Devs


Update: new footage, KS milestone reached, new partnership established

Update: new footage, KS milestone reached, new partnership established

News 2 comments

Our hottest news so far - A cooperation with the #1 game server hosting company in Europe!, some news on the KS, and - our "Skyrise" hostage scenario...

TI-Reloaded - crowdfunding campaign

TI-Reloaded - crowdfunding campaign

News 25 comments

We're bringing Tactical Intervention back - after a heavy diet, lots of therapy, in fresh clothing, shaved and ready to kick butt. Can you help us go...

US servers coming BACK

US servers coming BACK


Hey guys, okay, so this has taken us a while - but here they are: two brand new, shiny DSs, one on the East and one on the West Coast.

Update / BETA news

Update / BETA news

News 3 comments

News on our BETA status - information on what we're going to give you for Christmas, how long it's going to take and what it will look like.

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L3d - - 745 comments

Can u guys revive hostile intent from hl1 ? Mods looks great btw ,isnt this from the creator of counter strike ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Braindawgz - - 6 comments

kinda sad to see this project die like this, this game is pretty nostalgic for me.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 687,512 comments

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

conoray - - 10 comments

Hi, how's it goin'? I would really like to do the alpha testing, I have been a massive fan of the game ever since it came out, around when I was about 12-13 yrs old, and most of the skill I learned to play Battlefield, CoD, and all those, was mostly from Tactical Intervention, if you can, I would really love access to alpha testing if it's still up, thanks!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
nyko1531919704 - - 1 comments

Hey, I really want to do alpha-testing. I hope this game was as good as the original, and if you think it's ok, can you add bhop? I think it would make this game VERY different to other games, i hope this game succeeds,
So could i help in alpha-testing?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
assassin343 - - 17 comments

Hello, I would love to play test this game, I used to play Tactical Intervention and I loved it so much, my only problem back then is that my PC was poop so i couldn't even think of playing the car missions :D this is one of my all time favorite free games, like on some free games, I met some amazing people that I made friends with, I hope you're still working on this, I hope the best for you all.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
assassin343 - - 17 comments

Oh no, the indiegogo looks like it failed :(

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
Mechanik - - 1 comments


If you're still working on it, then I'm still interested to help you in testing, rank design, and a whole reform. I've prepared around 50 useful fixes for you...
Find me on Steam, Regards.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
StylaNo1 - - 1 comments


it would bee nice to help you and join the aplpha testing

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
oxygenbr - - 2 comments

Hi guys!
How can i join/help with the alpha testing?

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