SYNTH is a new alternative video game for a high-end MS windows PC's. SYNTH was designed and developed by Rhys Paul Hovey. In it's current version (1.666) it has been over two years in the making. SYNTH is 100% mathematically / proceedurally generated. This means that for all of SYNTH's graphics and levels, there is a mathematical function or process from which it was made, making it a very difficult game to program, and in the end quite scalable and unusual. Typically the graphics in a video game are "modeled" by artists with mouse and pen-like touch pads. Everything in SYNTH has a mathematical / algorithmic representation.

SYNTH / DAMSIN "new screenshots of DMM" (view original)

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Hey folks, this is just some new artwork from the SYNTH video game / DAMSIN MUSIC MACHINE "factory". Of course, DAMSIN is the "synth" in "SYNTH" so it really matters to future experiences of the game. SYNTH literally plays "DMM" sequences in the background as you would expect. MUCH work as been done. DAMSIN has its own new procedural artwork as well. Be of the first to see this 100% procedural openGL graphic'd / real time music "editor" namely DAMSIN.