an UDK project by titobruni, about old school survival horror games. Game in development, getting to the end of the tunnel- Some things has changed during the development state.

oficial demo coming soon.
(only a pre-alpha-tech-demo is released now when the game was 10-14% in development state, sorry!)

i continue looking for actors & actress voices too!
if you want help me, please! contact with me here!

thanks a lot and see you again... and sorry my english too!

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a classical survival horror


pre-alpha_FULL_game version!
FULL GAME (98%), without some cuts-scenes, and some bugs...
maps in this version:

-apartament buildings

DOWNLOAD pre-alpha_FULL_game version 1.0

PATCH inverted axis problem. copy into UTGame/Confing/

thanks a lot!

Oliver Boltovski
Maria Perez de Guzman
Hanna Hadman
Miguel Sanchez

music by Christian Massanella

UDK sript programming by titobruni
Henry´s Head Art Desing by esteban vidal
art design & 3D models by titobruni
textures, lighting & animations by titobruni

written & directed by titobruni.

a classical survival horror
a classical survival DEMO´n

a classical survival DEMO´n

News 12 comments

a classical survival DEMO is here! "a classical survival horror", an UDK project by titobruni

a classical crowdfunding campaign

a classical crowdfunding campaign

News 2 comments

a classical crowdfunding campaign starts tonight! a classical survival horror an UDK project by titobruni

a classical survival horror news

a classical survival horror news


a classical survival horror an UDK project by titobruni

A classical survival horror HD trailer

A classical survival horror HD trailer

News 6 comments

A classical survival horror HD trailer. DEMO COMING SOON. An UDK project by titobruni.

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congrats on pre-alpha 2 release.

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This looks fantastic, really hope you get to make the full release. Count me in!

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titobruni Creator

ey! thanks a lot!

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Hi titobruni!

I really liked your game, despite the fact that it is not ready. I have a couple of questions:

1. What is dictated by the code recorded on VHS tape?
2. I'm stuck at the moment, when in the window of room on the second floor there is the image of the monster. There needs to be done? Or is it a bug? The screenshot on the link.

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No puedo ejecutar el juego me da un error antes de iniciar "UnSetup ha detectado un problema y debe cerrarse. Sentimos los inconvenientes ocasionados"

El log dice esto.

Init: Virtual: 2047MB
Init: PageFile: 9816MB
Init: CPU stats:
Init: MeasuredPerformanceTime: 281.034 (stored result)
Init: Hyperthreaded: 1
Init: NumProcessorsPerCPU: 1
Init: NumLogicalProcessors: 2
Init: NumPhysicalProcessors: 8194
Init: MaxSpeed: 3099
Init: CurrentSpeed: 3099
Init: CoresPerProcessor: 8194
Init: IsOnBattery: 0
Init: BatteryLevel: -1
Init: Manufacturer: AMD
Init: CPUName: Dual-Core AMD Opteron
Init: L1CacheSize: 64
Init: L2CacheSize: 1024
Init: Architecture: x64
Init: GPU stats:
Init: VendorID: 00001002
Init: DeviceID: 00006779
Init: DriverVersion:
Init: DeviceName: AMD Radeon HD 6450
Init: DriverName: ati2dvag.dll
Init: PixelShaderVersion: 3
Init: VertexShaderVersion: 3
Init: VRAMQuantity: 1152
Init: DedicatedVRAM: 1024
Init: AdapterCount: 1
Init: SupportsHardwareTnL: 1
Init: Machine detected compatibility level: Composite: 4. CPU: 5. GPU: 4.
Init: Previous detected compatibility level: Composite: 4. CPU: 5. GPU: 4.
Init: Initializing FaceFX...
Init: FaceFX initialized.
Exit: Preparing to exit.
Exit: Object subsystem successfully closed.
Log: Shutting down FaceFX...
Log: FaceFX shutdown.
Exit: Exiting.
Log: Log file closed, 05/29/14 14:22:36

No se si tendra que ver pero en el archivo BaseCompat.ini no aparece mi tarjeta de video es una "Radeon HD 6450"

Un saludo y felicidades por el juego, aunque no lo he podido probar luce estupendo.

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titobruni Creator

siento no poder ayudarte en eso. creo q normalmente le funciona a la gente, algunos problemas con el control... pero la demo lesfunciona, como a mi... quizas tengas un equipo muy superior al que yo uso para el juego, la tarjeta es una gama mejor que la que yo uso! no lo se! o quizas sea otra cosa. En cualquier caso, mil gracias por tus intentos! siento no poder ayudarte en eso! pero quizas si alguien de por aqui!

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Que le vamos a hacer cada pc es un mundo, seguire probando a ver si suena la flauta. Gracias por responder.

Un saludo.

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Flipante el curro que te has, y estás dando tio! sigue asi ;) soy Solidsnake18 de Vandal

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titobruni Creator

ey gracias!

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