SUPERBIKE TT is a single player physics-based racing game within a multi-team and multi-bike livery for built in replayability.Play the Prototype for Free (requires Oculus Rift VR Headset)

Core Game FeaturesA unique holo display for all bike and race stats, this is designed uniqely with
the Oculus Rift VR experience in mind. Choose to play with the display on for
split times and track info, or off for complete immersion.

racing Controll via Keyboard, or Microsoft 360 Wireless Dual Stick Controller,(stretch goals include support for Leapmotion & Razor 3D Trackball)Robust physics-based gameplay. Every meter of track will be recreated allowing
deep development and performance challenges to the player. Learn the tracks,
improve your line, and avoid race ending collisions that throw you from the bike
in some of the most spectacular crashes you’ve ever witnessed.
Multiple 3D tracks to choose from:Currently slated tracks to be included in the release version
(working names, may be changed in final release version)Millers’ Glen TT
Manhattan Beach GP
Pacific Criterion TT
Sonoma Raceway
Dorchester TT
Milan InnerCity Raceway
Del Mar International
Lisbon street course
Echo Park Raceway
Francorchamps (Long Track)
East Snaefell TT
Highlander TT
Testing Oval Speedway

Tiny Utopia’s goal is for all our team to remain independent and responsible
directly to their players. Kickstarting SUPERBIKE TT allows us to maintain a pure
creative vision, put out updates on our own schedule, respond to feedback without
roadblocks, and release it all DRM-free.

Stretch Goals————————————————There should be no limits as to the possible goals of a crowdsourced campaign. The crowdsource movement is all about what individual unique and definitive achievement can be denoted to the campaign. With that in mind, I’ve developed a long-term development plan which incorporates an involved reality-based simulation platform to accompany the virtual reality experience.The SuperBike TT stuart platform realizes the complete SuperBike TT experience. With complete real world physics simulation the immersion of SuperBike will be complete. We imagine a SuperBike platform in a sporting, trained performance setting, where independent physical ability is considered as well as skill in the simulation. In situations where real life dangers and risks would pertain, VR presents the user with the ability to experience the same excitement level without the same amount of risk.SuperBikee TT is simply the first of many developments in the next generation of location-based thrill and skill entertainments with will predominate in the future of entertainment.

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SuperBike TT is a fully immersive motorbike racing experience. We got to check out this short demo from Tiny Utopia and we are highly impressed.
SuperBike TT is inspired by classic Simulation racing games like Moto GP, Forza MotorSport, and RalliSport Challege as well as the popular Isle of Man TT which is considered the most challenging motorcycle race in the world. With these influences in mind we’re creating an epic, replayable VR SuperBike Time Trail racing game where you race for the best times on the worlds most difficult tracks.

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