Super Mario Lost Bros Land v3

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WELCOME TO THIS NEW MARIO ADVENTURE!! Bowser has taken Princess Peach and Daisy to a Mysterious Island with the Name of Lost Land. He has allied himself with several kings and they have colonized the entire Island, so everything is full of monsters and dangerous things. the quiet inhabitants of the Island are turned into stone and bricks, some have taken refuge in some parts of the Island, others have allied themselves with Bowser and The Lost Island goes to ruin. The only ones that can undo their magical influence are these 2 Princesses and the Queen of that Island called Princess Pansette. Unfortunately, they are in the clutches of the Koopa Turtle King, Bowser.

Mario listens to the distress calls of Princess Peach, and together with his brother Luigi he prepares to rescue them and expel the Koopas invaders from the Island!, help the plumber to go through 15 Worlds, each time they are getting worse , this game is a project of Hello Mario Engine , a Game Editor Hello Fangaming , to add a good rating, and follow the game, I hope you like!

A Super Mario Bros fan game by BloodserGames

Engine: Game Maker 8.1 (Hello Mario Engine)
Supported Control Options:Only Keyboard

I pray that nintendo will not erase it again :[

One Version of the Game for Emulators, Another created with Super Mario Bros. Game & Builder, The Old Version of the Game and the Current Version. (which is in Process).

You can download the game also on my website, among other games I have created there. :-)


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All the worlds of Version 1.5 and their descriptions:

World 1 - Koopa troopa's coast:

It is the basic and typical world 1 of almost all Super Mario Bros games, it is a wide road near the ocean ,The Koopa troop have claimed this place as their own.

World 2 - Sugar birches:

It is a fairly hot savanna where there are small and large Birch trees and a large amount of vegetables underground.

World 3 - ShyGuy Beach:

This beach used to be one of the Shyguys but the panser took over it, so most of the Shyguys left the place.

World 4 - Eggplant land:

It is an extensive boreal forest in which it always rains and there are several Blue ruins of what was a kingdom. the ninjis inhabit a mound in this place.

World 5 - Snowman island (or Flurry tundra):

It is a fairly solid snow world where corals emerge from the ground and from roofs, the Flurrys inhabit and it is believed that these lands were underwater.

World 6 - Carbon Mountain:

Here Bowser installed his oil industry under these lands, it is called carbon mountain for its peculiar black color. here there are still many things under construction.

World 7 - Propulsive Clouds:

The Panser Archipelago is also the habitat of a large cloud that has an entire land on it.

World 8 - Bowser's Volcanic Kingdom:

Bowser installed his castle in this volcanic landscape, where his troops abound.

World 9 - Rainbow Land (WIP)

World 10 - Mushroom Island (WIP)

World 11 - Pansers's Abandoned Island (WIP)

World 12 - Dark Valley (WIP)

World 13 - Tweeter Desert (WIP)

World 14 - Phanto Forest (WIP)

World 15 - Playful Industries (WIP)

World 16 - Goombas Cliffs (WIP)

World 17 - Autumn Forest (WIP)

World 18 - The Caverns of the Piranhas/Vegetable Garden (WIP)

World 19 - The Ludwig Spaceship (WIP)

World 20 - Frozen Volcanoes (WIP)

World 21 - Panser Kingdoom (WIP)

World -1 - Minus Maze | ????


Powered by HelloFanGaming

Sprites and Background Directed:


Sprite Resourse:



and Bloodser(ME)

Musics Directed:

Tater-Tot Tunes:



8 Bit Universe:

And Others

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The game has been updating but has not given notice that it has done, since I do not want to take a chance and make Nintendo hear or something like that haha

Many new things are being added to the New BETA II, such as the World 9,10,11 and 12, more and more enemies and several new powerups like 2 Yoshis as well.and the difficulties were added and also renewed the map.

Among the new powerups will be the Mushrock (Rock Mushroom from Mario Galaxy 2), the supercrown, super acorn and a new power called Slow-Fire Flower.

This last one has a quite strong Skill. Like the common Fire Flower, it throws a fireball, only that it is blue and floats as it walks a little slow, when it makes contact with an enemy or wall it will explode.

Its appearance is smaller the fire flower, blue, and its flower is shaped like a drop.

The Map will be more orderly and comfortable + Concept

For the Next Version I have been thinking of ordering the Map more, putting them in a row. I feel very messy, map 8 is above 2 and 2 is next to 4, I think about making them a little smaller and in row, it will give me more space I guess. what do they say?


it would look more like that, I made the drawing myself haha

It would take nothing to do it and it will be easier for me to finish the Game with a map like that, I would start making the worlds that I am missing(world 9,10,11 and 12).

and I am sorry if I have been delayed in upload new information about the game, it is that I have been very busy with classes and all that, I am adding several new enemies to the Game and extending and renewing a couple more levels.


Like the music has been added new. for now I am only improving sprites, backgrounds and substituting soundtracks. I have not yet begun to create Worlds 9, 10, 11 and 12.

I want to first solve the Save Error since it is the one that has cost me the most.

When I find a way to solve that error I will start the creation of those maps, in the meantime I will only get updates from BETA I.1.

Among the new enemies that I have thought will be:



Violent and Rebel Toads

Putrid Piranha

Big Ninji

Big Goomba

Inky Piranha Plant

Piranha Creeper(I don't know if I really put it)


Super Poison Mushroom

Among others...

If you offer help I gladly accept it, of course depending

All New Screenshots:

I hope you like it and please follow the game and share it! :D

I will not give more information until further notice.

Recreating the Game!

Recreating the Game!


I have decided to recreate the Game, but with the same Hello Mario Engine Legacy.

You will be Trapped in this Version?

You will be Trapped in this Version?

News 1 comment

Sorry,The Game is Cancelled?

Demo II of the GAME!!

Demo II of the GAME!!

News 1 comment

Improved version of the game is now available here, after Nintendo blocked my game on GameJolt, I decided to publish the game here, continue with the...

The Nes Version of the Game!

The Nes Version of the Game!

News 2 comments

This version is for java, created with the program Super Mario Bros Game & Builder, With a somewhat wrong Difficulty and a little troll.

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SMB Lost Land 1.5 (Latest version)

SMB Lost Land 1.5 (Latest version)

Demo 2 comments

This version of the game is the most recent, it includes 8 playable worlds

SMB Lost Land 1.5 (Hard Edition)

SMB Lost Land 1.5 (Hard Edition)


Very Hard Edition! This is the most recent Version of the Game

SMB Lost-Land 1.5 (BETA I.1)

SMB Lost-Land 1.5 (BETA I.1)

Demo 1 comment

Dowload Super Mario Bros Lost Land 1.5 (Second DEMO)

SMB Lost-Land 1.5 (Firts Demo with Setup)

SMB Lost-Land 1.5 (Firts Demo with Setup)

Demo 3 comments

Super Mario Bros Lost Land 1.5 Firts Demo Dowload.

SMBLL v3 - Demo 2 (Old Version of 2016)

SMBLL v3 - Demo 2 (Old Version of 2016)

Demo 7 comments

Second Demo of the Game, with Improvements in the Levels and Graphics, and some Fixed Bugs. ADVICE: It has save problems among other things.

SMBLL 1.0 (Old Java Version)

SMBLL 1.0 (Old Java Version)

Full Version 4 comments

This Version is Java,Created with the program Super Mario Bros Game & Builder.

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I haven't played a Mario game in years... but I want to play this!

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where is download button?!?!

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BloodserGames Creator

Click in Files,you will see 4 options and click any of the versions you want, the most recent is called Lost Land Setup.

Direct Link:

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Hello I made a game about Mario's adventures. Welcome to my homepage.
** - please play my mario.
** - my playlist

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