Super Alien Story

just another mario clone on mobile? No.

If you browse the images in of this game, you will notice, that it reminds on the good old super mario games. I really love Mario and I always looked for a mobile game. To see all those cheap clones on the app stores causes me heart pain, so I decided to make my own "clone" filled with many details and love.

I work on Super Alien Story for 10 Days now (since 24.7.16) and I make progress every day. If you are interested in GIF's of new things Ive done just follow me on Twitter (@dandan_dev).

So enough words, here comes the game in some GIF's:



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Added death particles


Here you can see the particles I added right at the moment before the enemies get destroyed.

Like I said: details like this make the difference for me, because its all about those little things you dont really decognize but would miss if they werent there.

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