SUNNA is an innovative, fantasy-based role-playing adventure game, set in a colossal world full of the unknown. With expansive realms to explore, packed with dungeons, caves, cities, kingdoms and hundreds of unique creatures and monsters to discover, hunt down or outwit.

Your choices will shape your adventure...either follow the exciting and challenging quests or purely explore and build your character to immense power! Be a hero, explorer and a crafter (you can craft anything imaginable in-game, from potions to armour and weapons). Let this awesome fantasy-based adventure ignite your imagination and fuel your hunger for exploring the unknown...

"The game felt somewhere between the 3D Elder Scrolls titles and World of Warcraft, but with a style of its own.... the characters and NPC models are wonderfully realised, as well as a strong sense of humour..." [The Gameplay Magazine]

Key features include:

  • Next Generation Graphics - captivating scenery bringing you an incredible level of reality to in-game play
  • Epic battle scenes and hundreds of creatures and monsters to hunt down, combat, discover or outwit
  • 3 characters to choose from, each with unique skill sets
  • Unique and dynamic spell-casting system where you can combine spells freely
  • Humorous NPC dialogs
  • Awesome mini-map system to ease navigation
  • Uncapped character levelling system... unlimited paths to victory in this innovative and open-ended adventure

    Please note
    that SUNNA is still in development, however we shall keep you updated with its progress.

SUNNA - Homepage - Play Demo

Play the free online Demo at

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Although the journey for developing SUNNA has been somewhat challenging and timely... the fun starts here!! Before we release the beta, we would like to get your feedback on the game. We are very proud to have received such positive comments from our alpha testers and it is now time to reach out to the IndieDB community and get your valuable thoughts and views on the game!

You can play on the SUNNA demo here

In this demo, you will get to explore the first realm (please remember that this version will only show you snippets of this realm from the full game). However, if you're looking for a challenge, then try to find the entrance to the second realm! Most of all, we hope you enjoy playing SUNNA...we will take any feedback as constructive and are happy to answer any questions you have.


Additional content and news is also available on the main site as well as Facebook, Twitter and

TOOBxSOCKS - - 18 comments

You know, I was HIGHLY considering purchasing your game here. Until i seen your online demo link, and i clicked it, and seen that the website is down. If you cannot keep your website afloat, then how can i expect you to be able to continue to fund progress on your game?
I think i may skip this one now, unless you can convince me that the game is not going to be forgotten about and fade away like so many other indie with a large scale of development.

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dibdob - - 1,328 comments year later.... no reply then.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
OrenD - - 1 comments

Same thing with the website. Well...

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