Sunlight Chasers is a web-based multiplayer action online game, did I forgot to mention something? Oh yeah, its a platformer too! In this game you have to collect sunspheres while competing with other players in up to 4-player games. You can run through the entire stage using a parkour-like moving system while chasing other players using smart traps to cut their pass, and be the first to collect the sunspheres. Then your sunspheres are converted to "photons" which you may use to purchase incredible new equipment for your character, improving his strength, speed, and many other abilities. These ability improvements will help you jump higher, run faster, thow traps farther away and even fall down from greater heights. You will have a set of different traps available to throw other players back, drain their lifeforce or slow their movement.

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Sunlight Chasers is beeing crowdfunded at IndieGoGo. Supporters can stop by to make a contribution. They can also leave us a facebook like to help us raise our GoGofactor.

Remember that Sunlight Chasers bet is available at

Sunlight Chasers Beta

Sunlight Chasers Beta


Open beta is available through our website . It's easy as entering the site and hitting "Play Now". We want as much players as possible...

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