An exciting puzzle game requiring a good mixture of reflex action and thoughtful planning. The premise is simple: grab the gems and head for the exit. Complications include traps, duplicators, moving blocks, conveyor belts and monsters, and the evil Skull of Doom!

SubTerra guarantees plenty of variety on the way down, and a high score table is kept on the web.

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We are pleased to announce the release of our latest game, Sub Terra Draconis.

Newly hatched from an egg, a young dragon searches for the important things in life. And to a dragon, that means treasure! Search underground mazes and solve elaborate puzzles in your quest for gems, and see if you can hoard enough to impress the other dragons!

draconis screenshotdraconis screenshotImage 7draconis screenshot

A classic puzzle challenge, featuring over a hundred levels and many different objects including treasure chests, replicators, floating balloons, fire beams, thieving elves, conveyor belts, gravity switches, and many more! Between all these traps, the levels require a good mixture of reflex action and thoughtful planning; and the varied mechanics keep things interesting to solve.

The puzzles are fair: no luck-based puzzles, no searching for walls you can walk through, and all time limits are optional. Finally, a powerful level editor lets you make your own levels and share them on the Steam workshop.

  • "One of, if not the best puzzle game ever ... It's definetely worth a try for any puzzle fan." -
  • "Exciting and relaxing at the same time, SubTerra is guaranteed to provide you with many hours of pure enjoyment." - Home of the Underdogs
  • Featured on television by Locomotion.

If you have previously enjoyed games such as Boulder Dash or Rocks n Diamonds, this game may be right up your alley. A demo is available on Steam, so head over and check it out!

Sub Terra Draconis - on Steam Greenlight

Sub Terra Draconis - on Steam Greenlight


Sub Terra Draconis, the spiritual successor to Sub Terra I & II is in the making and is now listed on Steam Greenlight! Please lend us your support by...

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Includes images from both SubTerra and SubTerra II.

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