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subROV: Underwater Discoveries is an submarine exploration game where you learn to operate an ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) and embark on dives the world around. You will chart unknown regions, sample hydrothermal vents, find ship wrecks and study aquatic species along the water column.

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You are in complete control of every aspect of the dive that you embark on, from navigating an oceanic research vessel, to deploying and operating a full-ocean-depth rated ROV equipped with an array of advanced tools.

Begin as a trainee and earn your certificate to become a full-fledged pilot and take on a series of contracts to explore and discover the many fascinating sights and mysteries of the deep ocean.

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  • Choose from multiple dives with varied objectives, charting the seafloor and performing scientific observations.
  • Control of an oceanographic vessel, a full-ocean-depth rated ROV, and an array of advanced tools including sonar, AI-assisted scanner, articulated arm, temperature sensors, landers and sediment corers.
  • Rendezvous with ocean buoys and download scientific data and information on new points of interest.
  • Explore isolated trenches, survey unknown wreckages, and study creatures barely known to science.
  • Visit the Gallery to keep track and learn more about your discoveries.
  • Gain experience as you complete objectives and climb your way up the ranks from trainee to Dive Master.

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Hello subROVers! We've updated the game from 0.7.31 to 0.7.35. Let's take a look!

What's New

This update adds together four updates that we had already uploaded individually to the Beta branch since April. We posted detailed news pieces (on Steam) for every one of these updates when we released them in Beta, so now we'll make a brief recap for each, with links on the version numbers taking you to the individual news items:

  • In 0.7.32 we revised the setup of all the seafloor-related creatures. We also added a new Cusk Eel custom made from NOAA footage.
  • In 0.7.33 we added another new creature, the Big Fin Squid. We took references from a recent sighting by Schmidt Ocean, and consulted with experts to make what's arguably the most accurate model of this species to date.
  • In 0.7.34 we made a general revision of the dives available, improving their looks and increasing significantly the number of creatures and items on the seafloor.
  • In 0.7.35 we added a new tool, SOLARIS, built after the real counterpart shown in a recent cruise by Schmidt Ocean, with references and advice provided by the scientists who designed it.

We'd like to make a point that we brought the Magnapinna and SOLARIS to the game within weeks of them appearing in livestreams. There is an element of opportunity/serendipity that we can't deny, and there are risks involved that we can't always predict (e.g. the time it took to get final approval for SOLARIS), but this approach stresses our commitment to try to bring to the game advanced tools and creatures barely known to science whenever possible.

Bassogigas cusk eel

Cusk Eel

Big fin Squid

Submersible Oceanic chemiLuminescent Analyzer of Reactive Intermediate Species - SOLARIS

SOLARIS sampler

SOLARIS, in-game


Moving Forward

In light of recent events - A Titanic dive has always been in the cards for this game, and internally we had it tentatively planned towards the end of the year. Now, since this is a game of ROV exploration, and ROVs have been at the center of the search and recovery of Titan, we entertained the idea of quickly putting together a "basic" Titanic dive to illustrate, to the extent that this game is capable of, how the search could proceed.
This said, after giving it much thought and consulting with the community in Discord, we've decided not to release any Titanic-related dives now, though we'll keep the original plan to make a Titanic dive around the fall-winter, if possible and non-controversial.

The next big planned milestone, then, is bringing the wreck of the USS Hoel to the game, which we've been teasing for a while, as we indeed started work on it some time ago. Several players suggested making a dive around a WWII wreck when we discussed the Titanic, so we think it's appropriate to do so -we hope that you'll look forward to exploring our biggest wreck yet.

in-engine WIP

hoel bow

Get In Touch

Here are the many ways in which you can reach us:

    • From the game -press F8
    • By email (info 'at'

Happy subROVing! ⚓ 😁

subROV Update 0.7.31 - New Creatures and More

subROV Update 0.7.31 - New Creatures and More


This update reworks the certification 03 dive and fixes a bug that was preventing seafloor creatures from showing up, at all, in every dive.

subROV update: 0.7.30

subROV update: 0.7.30


We've updated the game to 0.7.30, adding the Gas Sampler tool and many other improvements, tweaks, and bug fixes!

subROV update: 0.7.25

subROV update: 0.7.25


We've updated the game to 0.7.25, adding collision sounds -happy holidays! 😀

subROV update: 0.7.2

subROV update: 0.7.2


We've updated the game to v0.7.2, squashing bugs and adding new features and QoL improvements.

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