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subROV: Underwater Discoveries is an accessible simulation game where you learn to operate a submarine ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) and embark on dives the world around. You will chart unknown regions, sample hydrothermal vents, find ship wrecks and study aquatic species along the water column.

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You are in complete control of every aspect of the dive that you embark on, from navigating an oceanic research vessel, to deploying and operating a full-ocean-depth rated ROV equipped with an array of advanced tools.

Begin as a trainee and earn your certificate to become a full-fledged pilot and take on a series of contracts to explore and discover the many fascinating sights and mysteries of the deep ocean.

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  • Choose from multiple dives with varied objectives, charting the seafloor and performing scientific observations.
  • Control of an oceanographic vessel, a full-ocean-depth rated ROV, and an array of advanced tools including sonar, AI-assisted scanner, articulated arm, temperature sensors, landers, sediment corers and gas samplers.
  • Rendezvous with ocean buoys and download scientific data and information on new points of interest.
  • Explore isolated trenches, survey unknown wreckages and study creatures barely known to science.
  • Visit the Gallery to keep track and learn more about your discoveries.
  • Gain experience as you complete objectives and climb your way up the ranks from trainee to Dive Master.

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subROV Demo Now Available



subROV is participating in June's Next Fest! we've prepared a demo which will be available for the duration of the Fest (now-jun20th), and we'll be also livestreaming the game twice during the week, in the two first virtual oceanographic livestreams ever made. Since subROV is a game based on real livestreams, this is a very special event for us.

What are you waiting for? go grab the demo! :D

About the demo

The demo is a build based on the playtest from last February. It has bugfixes and improvements, but we've left new features and content out because it is not a playtest, and we'd rather have you experience as few issues as possible (there are still a couple surprises, though).

It is also important to note that the demo is a slice of a work in progress. The objectives in the dives are offered as loose guidance only, aquatic life is sparse, and the Gallery is very much unfinished. We still hope that you'll enjoy it for what it has to offer.

While or after you play the demo, we also encourage you to send us feedback (any feedback!). We'll take your opinion into consideration and will do our best to improve the game based on it.

You can send us feedback in many ways:

  • Straight from the game at any time by pressing F8,
  • Through our Discord Server,
  • Through Twitter,
  • By email (info 'at'

Seriously, keep in touch! we'll love to hear from you.

Other things to Keep in mind

  • You can stream and record the game, but please let people know that it is a demo and not at all a finished product.
  • subROV has a manual! Give it a look if you want a full explanation of how the various game systems work.






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Submarine Sim subROV Playtest is now live!

Submarine Sim subROV Playtest is now live!


subROV Submarine Exploration Sim Playtest is now live.

subROV Playtest is now live!

subROV Playtest is now live!


subROV Submarine Exploration Sim Playtest is now live

subROV Steam page and trailer

subROV Steam page and trailer


Underwater exploration game subROV has new Trailer, Steam page.

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