Stop the Saturnians is a shooter inspired by classic arcade games like Galaga, Asteroids, Missile Command and Centipede.

Exciting gameplay where you need not only keep yourself alive, but protect the Earth from incoming threats, as well!

Procedurally generated alien waves that act on distinct A.I. No enemy patterns to memorize. It's all down to your reflexes and split second decisions!

25 separate levels and 40 different enemy types to test your piloting skill.

Collect resources and alien tech from destroyed enemies, all while dodging enemy fire.

Please the brass in various ways to achieve promotions and awards to help level you up!

Use what you've collected to upgrade your ship and the Earth, with 40 different technologies. Your ship will visually evolve with each new piece of tech.

Features an epic soundtrack with more than 20 songs by award winning film composer, Adrian Ellis.

Receive detailed briefings before each mission, fully voiced and subtitled.

Receive voiced updates and advice from your commanding officer and civilian liaison in the midst of combat.

Endless gameplay. Even after you win the game, you can choose to continue into another war where you retain everything you've unlocked but the enemy technology gets a drastic upgrade.

Five different difficulty settings, so everyone can play the way that's fun for them!

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As launch day looms, I've been hard at work adding features big and small: controller vibration, boss balancing, making previously static stars twinkle... But I've been neglecting the promotion side of things, so consider this the air-raid siren: the Saturnians will be here in less than 2 weeks!

Here's a couple never seen before screenshots:

Tearing down enemies with the Gauss Cannon.

Standoff with a saucer!

A link to the gameplay trailer on YouTube:

And a link to the store page where you can check out our other trailer, groove to some of the game's rocking tunes, and learn more about it!

Thanks, everybody!

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