You are the Pipe. Stop all those jumpy birds. - Tap to lift the Pipe. - Get medals and achievements for stopping birds. - Google Play Games Leaderboards - Truly Free! [No In-App-Purchases]

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Do not let the looks of this game fool you. While it looks like another Flappy Bird clone, it is quite the opposite. In fact, Stop The Birds (Free on iOS, Google Play, $1.99 on Kindle) is a fun twist on the endless sidescroller genre where you play as a green pipe and try to let no bird pass. The pipe can only move up and down and, true to its inspiration, has a big gap in the middle. All different kinds of birds are flapping towards the pipe while you analyse their trajectory to move the green obstacle in their way. Sounds easy, right? After successfully stopping a few birds, faster birds like the black bird are thrown into the mix, challenging your reaction and observation skills.

Stop The Birds comes with medals, achievements, and a competitive leaderboard. It has no In-App-Purchases and occasionally shows an ad between the rounds.

Stop The Birds Stop The Birds
Stop The Birds Stop The Birds

Stop The Birds Now Available!

Stop The Birds Now Available!


“You are the Pipe. Stop all those flapping birds.” - Those are the simple instructions of this unusual arcade game, which lets you play as a green...

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