An epic tale of loyalty and betrayal.

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Assume the role of Princess Elizabeth, who became ruler after the death of her father King Aurelius. You will command the army of the Order of the Griffin. Dark days have come to the lands of the Order after the death of the king. Undead hordes of the Circle of Unquenchable Thirst are advancing from the cursed lands, elves are attacking small towns, orcs and goblins from the steppes appear on the borders. And in the forests ordinary people are better off not appearing without armed guards at all. Elizabeth is faced with a difficult decision, whether to trust the Inquisition, who served faithfully her father for many years, or to take control of her own destiny. Since the head of the church and the Inquisition may have his own plans for the Order of the Griffin and its lands.


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The Order of the Griffin has at its disposal a floating island-fortress on which its castle sits. As you develop your castle, you will have the opportunity to hire new warriors, equip them with weapons, armor, and elixirs. You can upgrade the castle's core systems to fight off pirate ships, artillery, and other flying islands. While moving your castle around the map, you explore and participate in story quests, discover ancient ruins, secrets, rewards, and artifacts.


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Stones Keeper uses a turn-based combat system, which lets you use environmental objects as protection against your enemies. As well as the ability to break some of the environmental objects down to move faster, which, in turn, opens up a lot of strategic possibilities.
You can customize your squad by recruiting new companions with multiple specializations, skills and weapon preferences. Missions and battles will be just as diverse: Command your warriors to besiege enemy settlements or defend yours, protect your order's churches, escort civilian wagons, lay siege to enemy castles, aid your allies, and capture new technologies to upgrade your castle.


  • Explore a world filled with secrets, mysterious lands, dangerous creatures and unexpected discoveries.
  • Immerse yourself in the epic story of the Order of the Griffin with a single-player campaign spanning over 15 hours, consisting of 45 missions full of intrigue, action, and tension.
  • Manage your own flying castle, fight other castles, unlock upgrades, and develop its systems.
  • Form alliances or fight with other factions inhabiting this world.
  • Conquer your enemies with over 55 unique units such as Gryphon Riders, Elven Witches, Diamond Golems, Dragons, and Ents.
  • Play against your opponents in LAN multiplayer or Remote Play Together using up to two players.
  • You can choose one of four sides to fight against in the castle skirmish mode.
  • Build your own formidable army and determine the fate of the Order.

Protect the lands of the Order and find the ancient artifacts that will determine the fate of the ecosystem. Your choices will determine how this story will end.

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Release main

Greetings, fellow adventurers!

Today we have exceptional news to share with you - STONES KEEPER is launching on Steam right NOW!
That's right, It is now time for YOU, adventurers to lead the Order of the Griffin, fight the evil, manage your castle and experience the epic tale of loyalty and betrayal in full.

- Over 15 hours of the main campaign
- 3 co-op maps
- Multiplayer battles
- Castle battles on the large global map
- Skirmishes Vs AI
- 4 Races (humans, elves, undead, orcs) + 4 additional races (Inquisition, Infected, Elementals, Guards)

We want to thank everyone who has supported us along the way!

Your adventure is just beginning.


A competent engineer is always trying to get himself into trouble, isn't he?

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You are going to dps very very slowly!
Focusing your attack on vampire is not always the right option. You can end up exposing your allies by doing that

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Stones Keeper - turn based strategy

Stones Keeper - turn based strategy

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Control your own flying castle. Take part in the campaign for the Order of the Screaming Griffin against the forces of the undead that have invaded your...

Stones Keeper: Quick Tips for the beginner adventurers

Stones Keeper: Quick Tips for the beginner adventurers


Greetings, Griffin Riders Having the basic mechanics guide of Stones Keeper might be handy for reference, as this is a complex game. So we decided to...

Devlog - multiplayer, co-op mode and free mode

Devlog - multiplayer, co-op mode and free mode


Aside from the campaign, the game will also feature multiplayer battles in local modes, as well as free mode (castle battle) for one player.

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Stones Keeper: Prologue

Stones Keeper: Prologue


Demo version of the project. The project has a page in Steam, you can easily find it there.

SniperCharlie - - 325 comments

Looks interesting. Tracking;)

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