Sorry for this long delay :)
I am so back with a start of an engine :P
And i will present you for new features as i uncover them
This time it will go faster And it will be completed!

Will be a lesser fast paced 2D game that will focus on teamplay and tactics' The gameplay will be unique and will play a big role in the liking of it' Also this game will concentrate on vehicles'

-Money' Resources, Killing, Scavanging
-Extremely big maps'
-Destructable bases'
-Multiplayer gameplay'
-Reinforcement systems' (Later in development)
-Four infantry classes with each their uniqe weapons
and weaknesses' (3*4 weapons/gadgets)
-Map editor'
-Single player campaign' (Later in development)

>These are the infantry included<

Engineer' This one don't have any weapons for defence' It is able to repair building'
They can also pick up resources and scavange scraps'

Sniper' The lightest and fastest of the classes' Using stealth weapons'
-Sniper(High-Power Pulsar)
-Silenced Semi-Sniper(X5 Silent)
-Silenced Auto-Rifle(X55 Auto-Silent)

Heavy' The most heavily armored class of them all' Carries big weapons of mass destruction' Also they are the slowest'
-Heavy MG(Heavy Supressive Rifle)
-Mobile Artillery(Plasma-Artillery gun)
-Rocket Launcher(RL78 Rocket)

Soldier' This soldier is the one you start as' When you spawn it don't cost you a thing' If you buy it it does' This is the only available to drive and be a gunner in vehicles'
-Auto-Rifle(RipperX) (Start)
-Anti-Air Rifle(RipperAA)
-Stealth & Camera Device(Stealth-X)

>These are the vehicles included<

Hover APC' With a anti-infantry gun' It is relatively slow but faster then the Soldier and heavy' It is able to carry ROBOTS to the Battlefield

Jeep' This one got a MG on the back that a gunner can take while another drives' It is a little slower than the bike but is more armored' This is a first choice for first hand base rushes'

Tank' This is the most heavy(and expensive) vehicle on the battle field' And the slowest to' It is highly effective against Infantry and Vehicles' It got a machine gun able to take down planes but primary used as anti-infantry' Also it got a cannon to take out ground vehicles' The MG need a gunner'
-Heavy Gun

Motor bike' This is the fastest vehicle on ground' It got two chain guns able to rip infantry to pieces but it is fixed forward and only got a SLIGHT ability to shoot up and down' It also got another disadvantage since it is light armored' It got a booster to make quick attacks'
-Double Chain-gun

Fighter' This is the fastest vehicle of all' This one got two missiles it carries' When these are fired they need to return to their air field and reload' The missiles can take out ground vehicles with a bit of trouble' They are also homing at air targets' It is relatively easy to take down'
-AG/AA Missile

Plane' This carries 10 rockets and haves a MG for dogfights' The rockets are non-homing and used as land bombardment'
-AG Rockets

Bomber' These carries 10 bombs' If these bombs are dropped on buildings then that building won't even be HALF' They are high armored but easy to take out'
-Heavy Bombs

Jet-Chopper' This is a double jet engined air craft' It carries a double chain gun and is used as anti-infantry' It is slower than the plane but faster than the bomber'
-Double Chain-gun

>These are the buildings to be included<

Barracks' This place is where you can buy a new infantry class' Also you can change weapon for free' If destroyed no class change available'

Tank factory' This place constructs vehicles' One vehicle can be constructed at a time' If destroyed no more vehicles are able to be constructed'

Power Plant' This supplies power to your base' If this building is destroyed vehicle construction is halfed and the automatic defenses need to be controlled manual'

Turrets' These are the basic base defence' They have each 1 of 5 weapons (Replacable if you are an engineer)
-Gatling gun
-Double Gatling
-Double Gun

Tech development(Lab)' This one is a special building and is only in some few levels' A engineer can go down there and enter the building' then you can choose a technology to develop' Then after some time this tech will be done and then some new stuff will be able' Some tanks and infantry won't be available in the start' Then the first to develop all techs is the strongest faction'

/Missing techs Maxed out the description

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SteelWar reviven!!


Finally we are on again!!!

This time we will work on full pace!!!


Right now we are doing plane and jetchopper physics so you might see some images from that soon (allthough images are test images)

We will possibly replace all original graphics :)

Stand Alone Started


I started the Stand Alone game SteelWar three weeks ago. I allready implemented stuff like: - location damage. - 2D models - Polygon collision. - First...

RequiemLux - - 2,600 comments


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SioxerNic Creator
SioxerNic - - 9 comments

The game is now being revived :) (FINALLY!!)
The graphics might be 100 % replaced from the original designed for the game,

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DeaftrapX - - 453 comments

on it(as soon as i get back fomr work)

i have perspective shots, should make a nice replacement, IF modDB supports transparency

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Chunky - - 1,415 comments

all those spinning weapon models are really annoying. you should take stills and make them much larger.

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