The game you've all been waiting for. State of Decay is an open-world zombie-survival game, developed at Undead Labs and produced for Xbox 360 (via Xbox LIVE Arcade) and PC. State of Decay (formally codenamed as Class3) is a third person zombie-survival/action game developed by Undead Labs and published by Microsoft Studios. The end of the world has come, and players must explore an apocalyptic landscape while fending off hoards of zombies. The XBLA version of the game haas been released on June 5th, and a PC version will follow afterwards. The environment is an open-world that evolves over time, generating varying content depending on player actions. Players can set up a fortified safe area, form raiding parties, create supply chains, and collect resources.

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Upgrades the Savini Household with barricades and fancy things when you move in - oooo ahh!! Adds the same and a few overturned trucks to Snyder Trucking Warehouse, as well as a piecemeal musclecar to the shop. I'm currently reworking the geometry from my old Snyder mod - walkways back, with several new additions. Needs some prettying up a bit :) See the full description for a link to the main dev post, including all details and developments. (Click "read more..." to see the full description)

Fortitude Mod - Bases - Blood and Barricades
Phacops Author

Updated with some minor modifications to the barricades at Savini. Note that CryEngine has shut down access to the FreeSDK login server, which means I haven't been able to do any interesting updates for many months now. /shrug

So, just leaving this around as a relic :)

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Phacops Author

Potentially relevant:
Trying to use a later copy of CryEngine that doesn't have a broken connection to the login server. It's removed by 5 medium versions, but I may be able to continue development if it isn't too far down the line.

If so, then I'm going to continue work on the Snyder warehouse, as I get time.

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Phacops Author

Updated to add a mod manager, which will get unpacked into your game directory. This means that you can play with any mod, instead of having to choose, because it was acting on the same files.

Only thing you have to do is double-click to run the builder in your game directory.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\State of Decay YOSE\Game

Run the following:

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Phacops Author

Confirmed working with QMJS' mod, and also combined with my multitool, should you go so far.

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Phacops Author

Have re-added the old Snyder Trucking Warehouse.

Rebuilt the geometry heavily. Added more walls and walkways, now allowing you to walk a line above the razorwire fencing at the front. Removed one of the 3 overturned trucks and put in a rough draft for a gate.

When I have a sec, I'll try putting in a SmartObject that should allow the gate to open and close when you're near it. Can put in a first go, but I'd rather build a nicer animation for it :)

Just download the latest and run the build .jar to get both Savini and Snyder. You can use it with any mod that already attacks the Levels/Class3/Mission_Mission0.xml or Libs/Prefabs/Facilities.xml files because of the manager I have tucked into it.

If you don't want one or the other of the bases to be changed, that's built into the manager too.

Just add the file target for the .xml with the mod you don't like (I'll make that easier in the future.)

E.g. if Snyder is terrible, then you can open:

And add the file target, but reverse the slashes like this:
XmlMods\FortitudeMod - Bases - Snyder.xml

When I have time, I'll also add a method to easily delete mods from the files, as well. For now, that's much easier but still manual. So you'd have to search for the tags inside each of the files above, to find "ModWrapper" and you should see the start and end of the bits added.

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Phacops Author

This update now adds a plopabble trap system:

Main idea-
Install the latest mod from the link,
In the game, press V to start build mode.

When in build mode you can press G to start adding a new trap,
Press G again to place it.

If you don't like the placement of any items then, while in build mode, you can press H to enter destroy mode.

In destroy mode, press the left and right arrow keys on the keyboard to choose a target, which will be highlighted like when you placed it.

When you've got one highlighted that makes you feel icky, then press the up arrow on the keyboard to send it to oblivion!
(Except that Oblivion was a lovely game, so this may be a more pleasurable experience than what one should think of being sent to oblivion...but that's just an aside.)

When you're done fiddling around, you can press V again to exit build mode and continue running amok with your shambley friends.

Will make it better later, but here's a first iteration if you want.

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Phacops Author

Added a simple confirmation message when the program completes. Some kind of feedback instead of nothing--sorry about that ;)

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Hey man, the official forums were shut down, and a lot of the regulars made a new forum here:

There is a mod section, and I thought maybe you could add this. IMO this is the single best mod for SoD, so I think it deserves to be included whenever possible, wherever possible.


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This is a nice *** mod

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