Short arcade shooting games. Hi-score based, made for the SeaSeparated Studios short game collection of 2013.

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New version!!


So since I wanted to make a new version for a special collection along with the other SeaSeparated Studios Short Games from this year and I actually got some feedback for that I will be posting all progress and a separate release here. There's some planned changes already so I will list them here:

  • New graphics for the boss health bar.
  • New sprite for the second boss.
  • Secret upgrade!! Only for the most skilled.
  • One more stage, a last boss.
  • Time bonus for every stage.
  • Result screens for each stage end.
  • When you die, you automatically come back on the screen with about 3 seconds of invincibility instead of restarting the stage you are on.
  • New music.
  • New main menu.
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StarShip Shooters V1.1

StarShip Shooters V1.1

Full Version

Updated final version of the game with changes from the response from our followers and bug reports from the beta testing team.

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