Starsand is a desert survival game set among the dunes of a remote planet. An open world full of danger, a vast desert for you to explore and solve the mystery of an extinct civilization.

While running a desert marathon, you get caught by a sudden sandstorm and end up swallowed by a yellow wall of sand. You find shelter for the night in an old desert shrine and you wake up next morning with the feeling something's not quite right. The storm is over and the sky is clear; all around you, calm reigns over an ocean of infinite sand. If you survive long enough they’ll eventually find you and rescue you, that’s the plan. Hope is going to keep you alive, at least until you find out the truth about this place.

Find shade, find water, find life. Save your energy, avoid the hottest hours, keep warm during the coldest nights. Hunt for food, craft your weapons, build your shelter. Once you’ve built your shelter, take a tip and build stronger walls, add some traps, and craft bigger weapons, because these dunes are teeming with noxious creatures hungry for your flesh.

In this desert, you are both hunter and prey. Insect-like predators arise from their dark nests beneath the sand. Use fire to keep them at a distance, blow them up with explosive coconut grenades, reinforce your base walls, add spikes, set traps, build turrets. Do whatever it takes to survive.

Find your bearings in a vast and lonely desert, but learn how easily you can get lost when you are caught in the eye of a sandstorm. Thirst and heat will kill you during the day, but nights won’t be easier as the temperature drastically drops down. Find your ways to build paths you can trust, learn from animals, rely on the sun to orient yourself, don’t waste any energy. Become a desert dweller.

Starsand Early Access development is open, and the development team wants to hear from you.

[Disclaimer] We want to make clear that the video teaser you can see here is cinematic, and a gameplay video is coming soon, but this teaser doesn’t look much different from the actual gameplay.

We are Tunnel Vision Studio, a small creative team ready to take on the world wielding RAM sticks, dressed in GPU-coated armor, with a VR visor as a helm. We are a handful of valiant geeks based in Rome, willing not to surrender to the allure of countries with fiber optic broadband and unhealthy food. We make a living out of what we like to do: everything involving virtual reality, video games, electronic music, cutting-edge technology, and coding.

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Desert Runners, development is progressing steadily as we approach our Early Access release.

Nonetheless, as we get closer to the date, the need to take care of certain out-of-game things gets more pressing. Therefore, we are now completing all the necessary drawings needed to have a nice deck of trading cards ready, together with all the achievement icons.

Here's a little WIP regarding this topic:


We've also added something in-game, a craftable item that is the firstborn of a category of items we'll expand in the future: the trophies. For those who want to express their dissent toward the crawling creatures that hunt you down to eat your flesh, you can now stick your enemy's head on top of a pole. Like so:


This was a quick one, but expect more and bigger news next month. For now, enjoy this last screenshot of a big clay base interiors, cozier and safer than your usual wooden cabin. Good when the storm rages outside.

Starsand Datafoto306

The desert awaits.

Tunnel Vision and Toplitz Productions Teams

DevBlog #7: Defense, localization, and new locations

DevBlog #7: Defense, localization, and new locations


A long-due update on what we are doing and what are the things we are working on.

DevBlog #6: About our release date, '80s movies, and crocodiles

DevBlog #6: About our release date, '80s movies, and crocodiles


Things are moving fast, and so are our deadlines! Enjoy the fun cover art we just made, together with a little video. To be continued...

DevBlog #5 — A demo on the horizon: Starsand @ the Steam Game Festival

DevBlog #5 — A demo on the horizon: Starsand @ the Steam Game Festival


About the state of development and the demo that is due to come out for the Steam Game Festival.

Come and try Starsand's first ancestor, in few weeks it'll be extinct!

Come and try Starsand's first ancestor, in few weeks it'll be extinct!


About getting help from 5 valiant volunteers, and the development of the game using virtual reality


Looks like a cool concept!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
tunnelvisionstudio Creator

I thank you kindly, it's our very first attempt at making a game that would give us the chance to keep developing video games in the future

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Oooooh, so this is survival game set in the desert? Cool!
Are the insect creatures more like animals, or more like zombies/ monsters?

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tunnelvisionstudio Creator

The insect creatures hunt you down, so they are enemies, but they are a product of nature. Very deadly animals, and your nightmare :>

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Our latest DevBlog about #Steam trading cards, achievements, and trophies is out now. #indiedevhour

Jul 21 2021

A post-rock band? A sunglasses ad? The Fantastic Five? No, it's #TunnelVision! (Just some of them)

Jul 6 2021

#indiegames on Steam #Italia? One day #Starsand will be at the top of this list.

Jul 5 2021

On some rare occasions, clouds form a menacing roof over the desert sky. #Starsand

Jul 3 2021

Example of trap. #Starsand #indiegame #screenshotsaturday

Jul 3 2021

A cozy inn for the desert runners #starsand #screenshotsaturday #indiegame

Jul 3 2021

Testing our riding camel mechanics in real life! #IndieGameDev #survival #Starsand

Jul 2 2021

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