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The UPF is looking for Commanders to take on a tough but rewarding role within Defence Command, filled with possibilities, adventure – and limited Blueprint access.

Upon graduation from the Academy, you will be supplied with your very own cutting edge A.N.T. where you will be able to remotely perform your assignments, manage your career and customise defence Blueprints to give you power on the battlefield.

With the aid of the Artificial Intelligent Defence Assistant or A.I.D.A. for short, you will be able to access Quantum Relay Stations throughout the galaxy and manage local nanite resources to create structures defending UPF interests.


  • Use cutting edge defensive technology to repel thousands of enemies over the course of an assignment.
  • Utilise tactical counters and create new solutions for the 16 known offensive bot types - including anti-air.
  • Command your towers by adjusting their targeting priorities at a global or individual level.
  • Master the local nanite resources and the abilities they provide.
  • Have access to the UPF Simulator and replay assignments with custom settings of your choosing.


  • As a Commander within the UPF, you will take on a wide ranging list of assignments across much of the known galaxy.
  • Be the first line of defence and either repel aggressors or hold out till Fleet Command arrive with a physical presence.
  • Protect dignitaries and other VIP's from outside threats.
  • Perform operations outside of UPF territory where satellite coverage is minimal or non-existent.
  • Defend against enemies that adapt their resistances and fight back against your defensive structures.

Blueprint Access

  • Through the use of your A.N.T. you will be authorised to customise tower Blueprints in BILLIONS of different permutations.
  • Gain Mastery over the Blueprints and gain access to improvements and further options.
  • Opportunities exist within the UPF to advance your career and improve your Rank. With increased Rank comes increased access to defensive Blueprints, further boosting the possible permutations that you have access to.

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Build 2316 Live


Starlight Defence Command IndieD

The latest update mainly focuses on the tablet area adding some additional functionality and polish so that there's consistency across the different screens. I've also added in some more interaction with AIDA and fixed a few bugs that were found. See the list below for the full update.

The next update cycle will be adding the 10th assignment in. I am also hoping to add some new gameplay videos to the new YouTube channel soon.


  • AIDA now provides tips in the transition screens as you are about to go into battle.
  • AIDA is more verbose and will offer advice at the bottom of the tablet screen like she was meant to, and you can now interact with her more directly through her 'Esc' menu.


  • The main tablet screens have been given a polish. Aside of some glow effects added to the neon, a lot of the areas have been properly boxed out and made consistent across the screens.
  • Assignments will now show a mission time of 'None Specified' rather than 'Endless'. This just means that the end goal is not time based.
  • An additional bit of pre-assignment information has been added. Its called the 'Bot Attack Vector' and basically just gives a heads up as to whether you will be facing ground/air units in the mission. You will find this in the Assignment screen.
  • The tutorials have currently been disabled while the changes to the GUI are being made. They will be updated shortly. They have also been removed from the Simulator list and will be accessed via their own separate buttons instead, still within the Simulator screen.
  • The description panel in the Blueprint area has had a little polish added to it and I've tried to make it more obvious that this can be edited.
  • The Mastery bar has been updated in the Career screen to hopefully make it clearer as to what is going on. You can now find anything to do with Mastery in the top-left pane, within the Career screen.
  • I've tried to make AIDA's text clearer by switching from the purple to the white. It should now have a better contrast when reading her messages.


  • Fixed a very intermittent crash when enemies were destroyed.
  • Messages Bug has been rectified. Sometimes multiple versions of the email got added to the list.
  • The SFX for the Mist Tower would continue to play after the tower was gone. This has been resolved.
  • When bombing the bridges in mission 4, it would cause the game to crash if the explosion hit an enemy bot. Enemy bots now get destroyed properly when bombing the bridges.
  • Fixed graphical glitch with messages at the top of the list .
  • Fixed messages displaying more than once in the list.
  • Fixed the Blueprint visualisation as it was still showing the old enemy icons as opposed to the new.

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