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Orbit, now FREE on iOS!


As the saying goes; "The best things in life are free" Finally, this is true of Orbit as well! Now anyone with an iPhone or iPad can experience Tower Defense Redefined for free!

Orbit is now Free on iOS!
4.5 / 5
Download for FREE on the App Store!

The game responds to you; always with the right level of challenge!

Orbit is also available on Android and up on Steam Greenlight! If you're curious about why there is a free version of the game for iOS and not Android, it's quite simple; I'm just following metrics. I recently released a Free game on iOS and Android and it got over 700 downloads on iOS, and only 7 on Android. That said, I'm happy to respond to audience input, and if I see demand for a free version of Orbit on Android, I'll happily spend the time creating that version.
If you'd like to expedite development of the game, you can help us out by sharing the game with friends, or voting YES for us on Steam Greenlight.

BGP Orbit - Tower Defense Redefined

Available on the App StoreGet it on Google Play
Challenge Mode coming to Orbit

Challenge Mode coming to Orbit


Check out a new Challenge Mode in Orbit, plus Orbit is now on Steam Greenlight! Please vote YES for us, if you would be so kind.

BGP Orbit - Available now on Android!

BGP Orbit - Available now on Android!


BGP Orbit, v1.1.1 is now available on the Google Play Store! Check out what's new, and experience Tower Defense Redefined on your Android Device!

BGP Orbit - Critical Reception

BGP Orbit - Critical Reception


Nearly 2 months have passed since the game's release and Orbit has managed to garner a 4.5 Star Rating on iTunes! Snag a Promo code for a FREE COPY of...

Free Copies of BGP Orbit

Free Copies of BGP Orbit


Experience Tower Defense Redefined for FREE using these Promo Codes!

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Orbit Mod Data INI

Orbit Mod Data INI

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Create your own game-types in Orbit with super easy INI modification!

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