Starfighter is a free arcade-style 2D space combat game currently under development. You will fly a spaceship and complete various missions. Design and modify your ship anyway you like, choosing from components such as engines, thrusters, cannons, radars, shields.

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In the preview you fly a single spaceship. Your mission is to hunt down all drones. Play by yourself or together with a friend on the same computer. The drones will not shoot at you, but they are fast and agile and hard to hit. Watch out for asteroids flying around, they can damage your ship. If you are in a tight spot, you can try to jump to safety, but you could also find yourself jumping straight into an asteroid. So jump at your own risk! If you want to test your combat skills you can challenge a friend to a one-on-one fight for glory.


player 1

  • move: arrow keys
  • fire: M key
  • jump: N key

player 2

  • move: RDFG keys
  • fire: X key
  • jump: Z key


  • mute sound: S key
  • pause/stop/back: Esc key

Note: in single player mode, the player 2 controls can also be used.


The game is written using Google Web Toolkit, runs entirely in JavaScript and requires a browser that supports the HTML5 Canvas element. Recommended are Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer.

what's next

  • ship components
  • ship editor
  • AI
  • missions
  • mission editor
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