A brand new game by LucasArts with the Euphoria Physics Engine. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed tells the story of Darth Vader's secret apprentice as he hunts down the Jedi remaining after Emperor Palpatine orders them killed. Set in the dark times between Episode III and Episode IV, the story explores the aftermath of the Great Jedi Purge as well as the rise of Darth Vader, leading into the Original Trilogy.

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This game is totally awesome

The story is awesome, the game-play its really good too. This game is innovative, contains an escape to your normal Star Wars experience. The levels are well designed and those have the possibility to interact with the environment. It is really awesome experience the first time. The problem is that it has not re-play value. It gets boring over time. The level system is pretty small, you can get to the max level really fast and that's it. The boss fights are very well done and the graphics are amazing. The interaction with the environment + physics makes this game unique. I enjoyed my time in the first game-play. The second time, not so much. Going to the future, compared with the second game of this saga. This one is way better because of the length of the campaign and the game-play style. I myself prefer the game-play of this one than the second one. An example is the final battle of both games. No spoilers, but the final battle of this one was mind blowing.


It was good

This is very amazing game with greatest gameplay. But its more cool to play it in ps3 then in PC because of very hard level with destroying entire imperial ship. Anyway love this game! For the Light side!

Simply the best Star Wars game that has ever made

Great game.Fun to grip an enemy and then throw them or zap them with Force Lighting.

And great to use Texmod on this. :D

Glitches are oddly entertaining (for the most part).

The story is... questionable -- but what story from Star Wars these day isn't? (short of TOR and only TOR)

DLC levels aren't worth the price tag... considering other games offer more content for the same or less (Red Faction would give me a full prequel campaign, TFU gives me one level for the same price).

Aside from the problems, the game does an action game as I would want it to be. The Training Rooms can be quite entertaining as well.


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-Graphics 10
-Gameplay 10
-Storyline 10
-Controls 8
-Funness 10
-Replay Value 7

-Laggy at some points -1
-No dismemberment -1
-Upgrades +1
-Physics +1

Sadly being a port, this game wasn't what it could have been, crushing stormtroopers and the combos were fun, It's also very big (25GB), but the force moves and combos make up for that, this is a must have game for Star wars fans!!!!


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