Stalwart's Lineage is a free game created with Game Maker 7 loosely inspired by Castelvania, Terraria, and Zelda. In Stalwart's Lineage, players control the newest manifestation of the Stalwart Line. Stalwart is a powerful warlock who must defend his keep from an invading army of evil creatures who seek to fill the realm from which Stalwart originated from with rage, thus bringing an end to the Stalwart Line. PLEASE NOTE --- For the latest news and updates on Stalwart's Lineage, please visit the facebook fan page, linked in the information box to the right.

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A Message from the Creator


Hi, I am Keith, the creator of Stalwart's Lineage. Very briefly, I would like to outline my hopes for Stalwart's Lineage.

To start, I do not not think that Stalwart's Lineage will be the best game out there. However, I do think that Stalwart's Lineage will offer an experience that has an almost handcrafted feel to it. The game is being offered free in order to peak the most interest.

With Stalwart's Lineage, I am aiming to create a fun game, nothing more, nothing less. Through the game, I hope to create a solid community; I love sharing ideas. Contests will be held after the game is released allowing the community to create characters and lore that will be added directly into the game, and can be interacted with. Therefore, to some degree, the community will be creating the game. Additionally, I want to have podcasts which discuss topics that reach beyond Stalwart's Lineage and gaming in general, used to spark conversation.

Everyone has that game that, even though it might not be the prettiest or the most epic, sticks with them. My aim is to make Stalwart's Lineage that game.

If you are someone that loves not only games, but sharing ideas, conversing about random topics, and a friendly community, you might want to check out Stalwart's Lineage.

simbussupreme Creator

Check out the Stalwart's Lineage Youtube Channel!

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