Welcome to the magical world of Spellslinger VR! Here you will run into a variety of monsters, puzzles, and challenges you must overcome by casting a wide array of elementally-aligned spells. The core of Spellslinger VR's gameplay comes from its unique spellcasting system, which grants you the ability to string together specific arm and hand movements to cast spells. Each spell has a unique set of movements that must be done in order to be cast, and learning to perform these motions quickly and smoothly will pay off as you get faster and more efficient at slinging deadly spell combos!

Current Features

As the game is releasing in Early-Access, we fully intend on adding many more features and tons of content to the game. Here's what you can expect to see in the first Early-Access launch, though!

  • Eight spells that each require a specific set of hand motions to cast. Spell motions vary in length and complexity, including ones that require multiple movements or movements with both hands at the same time.
  • Two enemy types, each with elemental variants, as well as stronger versions of each variant with visual changes.
  • Experience and Level-up system that allows players to customize their stats. These are permanent across play sessions and grant players great benefits for playing the game more.
  • The status effect system allows various effects to be applied to players and enemies over time. Fire-based spells can burn enemies for a duration, and temporary damage bonuses can be applied to the player.
  • A fully-voiced tutorial, as well as a lengthy instructional page to help players understand the basic mechanics of the game. There is also a list of all available spells in the game that can be accessed at any point, with visual instructions on how to cast them.

We have great plans for the future of Spellslinger VR to expand it in many ways. If you are interested in seeing what's to come, please check out our Devlogs on the Spellslinger VR Steam page!

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Early Access Announcement

Greetings, adventurers, spell casters, gamers, and virtual reality dwellers! Today is a great day, as we get to announce to you all that Spellslinger VR, the magic-based action-adventure role-playing game set in VR, is coming soon to Steam via Early Access! You may be wondering, "What do all those hyphens and buzz words mean to me?" Well, friend, they are a call to adventure! An immersive virtual world to lose yourself awaits, chock full of critters and baddies to combat with intense spells. Grow your character by acquiring gear upgrades and level-ups while growing as a player by mastering the unique spell casting system.

Run, jump, and explore through a varied world, solving puzzles and assisting your village. When danger presents itself, you'll be ready with a slew of elemental spells, each cast by performing an associated pattern of movements with your hands. As your muscle memory improves, you'll be slinging fireballs and slicing enemies with sheer wind quicker than you can say, "Spellslinger VR!"

Spellslinger VR is going to be launching in Early Access on June 14th as an action arena with most of the planned core game features already included. As we continue to develop the game, we plan on adding a full story campaign, equippable items, immersive ways to interact with the environment, and tons more! Refer to our Steam page for more information about the Early Access and future plans. We'll also be posting Devlogs regularly, so keep an eye on those for more information about future plans and current progress!

We want to thank everyone who has helped get Spellslinger VR to where it is today, and we also want to thank in advance everyone who supports the game as both it and its community grow from here on. We invite all of you to be active members of our community here on Steam, and there on Discord, Instagram, and Twitter!

Steam Page: Store.steampowered.com

Discord: Discord.gg
Twitter: Twitter.com
Instagram: Instagram.com

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