This game is about a space unicorn that crashes on an unknown planet. We know it sounds a little bit cliché, but as the story progresses you will find more and more random things (that actually make sense when put together!), and, on top of that, it has lots of pop culture references! This game was made by three portuguese students (we like to call ourselves Gentlemen in Tuxedos kind of like a company name*) on summer break, it is actually really simple in terms of programming and gameplay because it's a text based adventure. So far we made the first chapter, and you can try it out for yourself! We plan to continue developing the chapters and add more and more gameply options, "cutscenes" and even different endings! We hope you enjoy our little adventure through the world of a programming and video games, enjoy! PS: Please report to us if you find a bug in the game, every bit of help matters to us! ""


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News 1 comment

Ok, so we had some bad reviews and comments. Ok, not some, a lot.
We figured out the game has content that is too inappropriate for the general audience, so we will be updating the game and removing some bad taste jokes.

All comments are welcome, even the ones that are just pure hate, but please fundament your oppinion, because otherwise we will not be able to suit your needs. And yes, we'll try to make everyone happy, because we are gentlemen and that's what gentlemen do.

Sincerely, The Gentlemen In Tuxedos

Spacecorn Released on Desura

Spacecorn Released on Desura


A game about unicorns in space! As the story progresses you will find more and more random things.

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pczelda - - 15 comments

Do you know why Avast flags this game as a threat when I try to install it?

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StephanLaBA - - 1 comments

Haven't played it yet but since playing and beating Zorn on black ops I've become a big fan of text based adventure games, partially due to their rarity anymore, but they allow you to use imagination to see the world and you never forget it, very much anticipating playing this game :) keep this up!

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MopingMinecrafter - - 1 comments

When i try to open it, it just closes/refuses to open

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kittycait - - 3 comments

i actually kinda like this game:3 i love how random it is, and how you can choose what you wanna do..hehehehhe i support you guys soso much, keep on keeping on :)

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irogue - - 130 comments

Hey great you release a free game, i am sure we all feel that way.

This title really looks like someone opened notepad when they were bored, and had little knowledge of function calls etc. I think graspee hit home with what he said, i hope you get your laughs as this is surely what you wanted when submitting this glorified notepad document as a game?

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Kimik - - 2 comments

After the first few sentences I got bored. sorry but its pretty bad.

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Osga21 Creator
Guest - - 699,690 comments

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Osga21 Creator
Osga21 - - 15 comments

Good joke there SolidSnake27, and I mean it. The THX sound kind of startled me because it' midnight and everyone is asleep. Nice troll. But could you point the link or the file to our original copyright thingy? We meant to change it for a while.

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Osga21 Creator
Osga21 - - 15 comments

This was a dream come true. Really. To have a game published and recognized as a game was truly a dream accomplishment, and I couldn't feel happier. Even if you think the game is bad, it's a game, and is published, it's truly a dream that came true. And not even all the hate in the world could take that feeling away from me. Because I made something that some people enjoyed, and I know that. I will continue to improve, and maybe in the future, you'll see a sequel that is not bad. Maybe. But I'm 15 and I've accomplished my biggest goal that I set myself so far.

Thank you.

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graspee - - 161 comments

There is no hate in any of the comments. If you make an awful game then people will tell you it's awful. Being 15 is no excuse. When I was your age I had written a complete Boulderdash clone with built-in level editor, sound, sprites, joystick support etc. and I'd written a text adventure, which unlike your effort featured a full, working parser, inventory system and so on, meaning you could type things like "take the red box from the shelf and put it on the table" or "take the red box, examine it then throw it into the bin".

And computers were primitive then. I was working on an Atari ST at 15. There was no world web web to download programming languages, share information with people or look up tips. You had to read magazines or buy books (if you could afford them and find them). To get software you had to get public domain disks mail-order from small companies or copy it from your friends if any of them had the same computer as you (there were a lot of different ones about).

You've got it easy, and if this "game" of yours was a sincere effort and not just a trollollololol then you should be ashamed.

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Osga21 Creator
Osga21 - - 15 comments

Not an excuse. I've also made games like boulderdash, 2 or three years ago on gamemaker, but I dont think they would support that.

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