Are you a viable pilot?

Can you withstand legions of enemies, armed to their teeth?


Find out in Space-ial Hunting!

You like to play casual? Try the endless mode on easy!

You like to play hardcore? Play the last mission on hardcore settings!

"But, what if I want to play with other gamers?"

No problem! Just try out the multiplayer mode, with 3 settings:

-Versus - Fight against another player!

-Co-Op standard - Fight your way through legions of enemies, but with a friend!

-Co-Op competetive - Who survives on your mission, and who shoots more enemies?! Let's find out

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Hello everybody, and welcome to Space-ial Hunting!
If the terrible pun didn't already repel you, or gave you ear cancer (if spoken out loud), this might be your type of game!

Started as a hobby project to make use of terrible, unused music I created years ago, and to learn more about PureBasic, in which it is developed in.
However, it quickly became more than a hobby project to me, and so I aim to deliver it to you, for 50 cents, or a "Pweaaaaase :3". Cuteface required.

I estimate the minimum system requirements at:
-400mhz+ x86-compatible processor
-DirectX 9+ (Graphics, OpenGL doesn't require this)
-DirectX 7+ (Audio, you may disable it entirely)
-Graphics card with at least 8mb of VRAM
-20mb of free RAM
-At least 40mb of free HDD

Pretty low, ain't it?

Hi, I'm Jan. Also known as Jan125. Or Jan125x86. Or if even that is already taken: Jan125x86_x64.
I'm a musician, programmer, and gamer from Berlin, Germany.
I'm not an artist, so don't expect incredible HD pixel graphics.
As a pirate of my own, most of my games will include a working, albeit somewhat useless copy protection, which lets you play, even if you enter the wrong code, while also attaching the code to the configurations file.

I'm a strange being, I know.

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This is the FM-pack soundtrack for the game. As it sounds way better than the originally intended, chiptune-like soundtrack, this will be the official...

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