The Empire stands on the brink of rebellion. Traitors have seeped into nearly every facet of the Royal Army, and some whisper of corruption at even the highest reaches of the government. The citizens have lost faith in their leaders. Rumors abound of waste, deceit, and neglect. The hope that once flourished in the capitol, has turned to tyranny. After all, what are leaders without faith but dictators? This is the world of Kitanria. An Empire stretched to it’s limits, ready to collapse at any moment. But not all hope is lost, friend. There are those who would fight against this corruption, those who would take their destiny into their own hands. Will you become one of these people, or perhaps just a pockmark in the annals of history? This decision is yours to make.

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Programmers located Anywhere.

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So I like many others have always wanted to play KOTOR 3 however it has never been released and no intention of it officially being created. So myself and others from our other Project Sovereign Story are working on making an KOTOR 3 ourselves. We are looking for people who are willing to take a risk, work for free to make a game we will all love.

Unfortunately with this being a star wars game Disney and EA could shut us down at any time. However we are looking for people who are willing to work with us and see this game made no matter what. We are determined to see this through to the end and are looking for people who aren't interested in monetary gain and just want to make and play KOTOR 3.

We need:

Talented programmers - preferably those with knowledge of UE4

3D Character Artists - Must know PBR workflow

3D Prop Artist - Must know PBR workflow

3D Environment Artists - Must know PBR workflow

2D Concept Artists

3D Animators - At least 1-2 years of experience preferably

Level Designers -- preferably those with knowledge of UE4.

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