Soul Reaper is a retro rogue-lite RPG with top-down exploration, turn-based combat, monster-catching mechanics, deep loot and skill systems, and a twisted sense of humour.

Take control of the one and only Soul Reaper, a power-hungry skeleton whose thirst for souls leads him to a mysterious cave called The Vault, where there are more than enough souls to go around. But getting those souls may not be so easy when they belong to wasps with a gatling gun. Or sharks that breathe fire. Or a knife-wielding squirrels...? It's a fitting place for a talking skeleton with a bone to pick.

Some games that Soul Reaper might remind you of are...

* Castlevania: Aria/Dawn of Sorrow (Kill monsters, get souls!)

* Diablo (Loot with more stats than you can shake a '+50% stick-shaking' stick at)

* The Legend of Zelda (Top-down navigation style complete with bush-whacking action)

* Final Fantasy (Side view turn-based combat)

* Lufia II (This one might escape some youngsters, but if you remember "the Ancient Cave", you know what you're in for!)

* Pokemon (Once you're hooked on soul-collecting, you'll wanna reap 'em all)

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On this note, let me just applaud and thank gamer Indiestexposure who played a whopping 11 hours soon after downloading the game! That’s one solid sign the game is quite addictive, and one good reason you should start building your own team too.

IG user @indiestexposure’s clip of Soul Reaper: Unreap Commander:

We also have a player from Italy (nope, his name isn’t Mario, although he believes he’s a reincarnation of Yoshi) working on his reaping and unreaping skills:

Nope, he’s no stranger to stranger things…

But there’s 200+ more reasons for you to get the game now, especially since we’ve just released version 0.0.9!

It’s the first update since the April 25 Steam release, and with it comes along 243 Achievements! I’m sure many of you out there are achievement-lovers, so if you’ve been running low on motivation, playing the game is one good way to top up.

Also, just look at how cute them characters are as they posed for this family photo:

Unreap Commander 0.0.9 also boasts of 30 new feats, which means even more hours of playing to look forward to. Just make sure you still get them zzzs as you don’t want to end up looking like this:

(Photo creds:

There’s even more:

You’ll see 5 new monsters in action!

We’ve got the Ajin:

(One of my personal faves)

The Elephount:

The Hexawielder:

The Great Hexawielder Displaying Its Shredding Power

The Needlypuff:

And lastly, the Manaconda! Which, for the sake of instilling excitement, I’ll let you discover on your own as you make your way on top of the leaderboards.

A few more things to look forward to with 0.0.9:

  • New Soul Reaper Animations
  • Minor UI updates
  • Minor bug fixes

And in case Soul Reaper: Unreap Commander is news to you, make sure you check out the gameplay trailer here or load this video:

Soul Reaper Unreap Commander Gameplay Trailer

We’re also working with Greenlight Arcade, which means we’ll have great deals for you guys soon!

Of course, with the game still being in Early Access, you can expect even more updates and improvements as we make our way to the Big Release. In the meantime, we’ll be more than happy to know what you think of it and what you think we can do to make the game even more exciting and fun!

Feel free to drop a comment or shoot us a message through any of the following:










Devlog #4: MASSIVE Prototype 2.0 Update

Devlog #4: MASSIVE Prototype 2.0 Update


Vault-ful of improvements for you, reapers of souls: much improved exploration, arm yourself with unique legendary loot and soul gear, and reap new exciting...

BIG NEWS: Square Enix is featuring Soul Reaper on their Collective platform!!!

BIG NEWS: Square Enix is featuring Soul Reaper on their Collective platform!!!


Soul Reaper will be featured on Square Enix Collective on July 17th! Help support our team by voting “yes” on July 17th. It takes 2 minutes, costs...

Soul Reaper: Unreap Commander is LIVE!

Soul Reaper: Unreap Commander is LIVE!


Get it now on Steam! Unreap Commander is finally LIVE. Be sure to check it out on Steam. Here’s what the Soul Reaper himself has to say about his Unreap...

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