Sole Iron Tail is a momentum-based platformer, based around sliding and charging with your tail as fast as your can!


  • A cute, but challenging single-player adventure with 4 tales consisting of 9+ chilly levels, featuring a cast of friendly characters and giant foes!
  • Charge, Slide, Surf, and Hover with various character and level mechanics!
  • Beat those times on the leaderboard through time-attack!


As the last known Iron Tail (a creature with a large, metallic cup on the end of its tail), the evil Pumpkin Army is hunting for your species! There is a glimmer of hope though, as a mysterious stranger covered in gold scarves guides you throughout the Tundra. Using your special tail, can you slide and charge fast enough to see the end of the Golden Stranger’s trail, all the while defeating the evil robots of the Pumpkin Army, as well as the mind-controlled animals who may be more innocent, and special, than they first appear to be?

Find the Golden Stranger! Save the Tundra! Save your species!

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The captain of the demo squad isn't happy with their ship getting destroyed. Luckily, they are skilled in the use of duct tape and DIY-ing mind control gear onto friendly animals.Dodge the agile Walrus, avoid cannon fire, and bounce on bombs in order to stop the demo squad Captain and free your new Walrus friend!Not only has there been additions/changes to background art, but the game has received two new tunes for the tuturial and menu from +Tek and H-Mister!

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New Boss

New Boss


Creating the new boss has been no easy feat, but it is now ready for testing!

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