Soldat is a fast paced 2d shooter. Don't let the lack of a third dimension get to you, because it's an action packed game drawing on the roots of many popular titles. Weapons are chosen in a Counter-Strike style, and range from modern automatics to sniper rifles. The landscapes and game style are vaguely Worms like, except everything is guns blazing real time instead of turn based. Soldat delivers in game play by packing five game modes from capture the flag to team death match. Maps can be created with the editor and new weapons and graphics can also be made along with interface changes.

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ymmees says

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the most fast-paced shooter you will ever play


Awesome game! One of best 2d shooters!

Its not perfect but when you look at how much time I have spent playing this game you know there is obviously something great here.


Polish game ;D I love it.


eyveer says

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epic game =)

This is one of those games that you cant get tired at. And its just so damn fun! Have been playing it for many years with my friends. Finally decieded to register it, worth the money! One of the best indie games I have played!

Even tho I can't play this game on Desura (information gathering error of some kind), I know it for a long time.

A mix of CS and Worms, quite epic even in the free version, the AI ranges from stupid to hardcore, and makes local games a veritable option.

I played the game for a few hours with a friend and it if pretty fun and time killing but after a while it becomes quite repetitive. Depsite this fact, the game is bloody nice.


Coolest game that i've ever played

My favourite 2D multiplayer action game of all time! Must-play for everyone!

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the most fast-paced shooter you will ever play

Dec 18 2011 by ymmees