Snake Charmer game is a rebirth of a the well-known classic, in 3D!

The best thing is the 1-100 scale difficulty selector, so everyone can find their sweet spot :)

A third person snake game, with unique maps, exciting gameplay, and good dynamics.

Play for fun, or play competitive :) Enjoy 15+ completely different maps, eating apples and bananas with your huge snake!

The game is fully playable now on PC, Mac, Linux, and most mobile platforms, ready to release, but more features and enhancements will come often.

Snake charmer is a really good snakes game, where you'll be able to play as a beautiful forest snake, eat all the apples and bananas you can, get into the Egyptian pyramids, and eat all their diamonds.

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In 2006 spring, I've got an original Nokia N-gage. It was a brilliant device, and had great games. Besides moto gp, elder scrolls, splinter cell, some ww2 turn based strategy game, that I remember was awesome, but don't recall the name now - lets google it: Pathway to glory - there was a 3D remake of Snakes. It was awesome to play, and really refreshing things could happen, like infinite maps, puzzles, and hexa maps, full 3d environment in a two-tone classic game.

In todays touch screen phones, I've really missed it, and anything that came close to it, was terrible to control. 8474 snake games on every market, yet none was fun to play on the long term. So I decided to start making it, after my work hours. I got 1-2-5-10-20 hours a week invested in this project, and the state it got to is incredible for a one-man project. I invested tons of money and time, to get it to this point, so please watch the trailer, and if you like it, give me a thumb on facebook, and on Steam Greenlight.

I would really apprechiate it ;) I hope this finds some players out there, who miss this game.

Thanks for listening,


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