Slide is a puzzle game for veteran gamers. Hey, don't stop reading just yet.

Slide takes inspiration from ice-sliding puzzle sections found in games like Pokemon & Legend of Zelda, and then promptly puts it's own unique spin on the matter. Typically in these puzzles the level is static as you move around, well now you have the power to change the pathing of the level to suit your needs. See this handy series of screenshots for a more intricate look: One Two Three Four Five Six Seven

Now I don't expect that paragraph to win you over because I'm not convinced myself, and I wrote it. Slide offers many gameplay elements though, mechanics you've grown accustomed to change as you progress through the game, there's achievements (dubbed "medals") to earn for elegant solutions, an in-built level editor and a custom-made level sharing platform to take advantage of, and the promise of undying developer support. Well, until I'm dead anyway.

Skeptical? Why not try a demo version? If you get the full game, your progress will transfer over.

Convinced? Slide comes to the Desura platform soon, but if you can't wait there's another way in!

Slide is also on Steam Greenlight. You upvote me, I upvote you, the world goes round.

Watch this gameplay video for a moving representation of game mechanics. Thanks for reading.

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I'd just like to say hi, how are you? Circle one: Good, Great, Amazing, Awesome.

Ok, now ask me! Uh... I'll ask me! Hey Sami, how are you?

Fan-freaking-tastic! Slide has slid it's way into the hearts of Desura, and I couldn't be more excited to get Slide out into the eyes of this fine congregation of fellow gamers. I took... longer than I should've off work to finally put the idea of Slide into a fully-fledged creation, and I think the result is really something to be enjoyed.

I guess every developer is going to say that about their game though... Huh, now I'm not too sure how to proceed from this hole I've dug myself. Let me continue by saying Slide is a game I strongly believe that if you're a fan of puzzle or strategy games it's going to be right up your alley, and if you don't believe try the demo! Fun almost, but not 100%, guaranteed. :)

Enjoy, and don't be afraid to chat me up. I love hearing what people have to say. Maybe you could even buy me a drink? This is an odd closing paragraph.

Rlear - - 38 comments

Cara, gostei disso. Bem diferente.

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skilani Creator
skilani - - 3 comments

I've submitted a quick version that allows the arrow keys to be used for movement as well. It should go up soon!

Reply Good karma+2 votes
skilani Creator
skilani - - 3 comments

@franbelle Oh man, that's a fantastic point. That's my bad, total oversight not to take into account Dvorak and alternate keyboard setups. I will look into patching that in!

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franbelle - - 152 comments

Great game, just baught it.
But its bad keys are not mapable.
WASD is very unfriendly for keyboard other than plain English.
A possibility to use arrows direction keys would be great for the next update !

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skilani Creator
skilani - - 3 comments

Hey there! I'm always around to answer any questions about Slide :D

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