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Slenderman's Army is a unique Survival Horror written developed in one week in the RPG Maker VX Engine. Slenderman is back but this time he has friends...


You are a Paranormal Investigator hired to solve the Mystery of Slanciata Manor. You arrive at the Manor to discover more than you bargained for. Your investigation gets halted as you battle for your life against the "Slender Man" an entity known to stick to shadows. Kidnapping lost travelers who dare to attempt to discover the truth about who and what he is.
However, he was slowly becoming overpowered by humans who successfully managed to escape his clutches with the full 8 Pages which detailed all his tricks, and how to defeat him. He realized he needed to build himself an army. He scoured the world finding the most terrifying and dangerous monsters and entities to assist him in his battle against the human race.
He began working with these entities to build a world in which people feared Slender Man once again...

Fight your way through Slanciata Manor finding the 8 pages that hold the dark secrets that Slenderman has fought to protect.


Replayability: Each time you load up Slenderman's Army something is different whether it be the position of the enemies or the position of the pages are different. You think you've seen Slender appear prepared. He'll move. and will be WAITING for you...

Custom Soundtrack: SA features a custom soundtrack. The little music that is featured in Slenderman's Army was all written by the developers. Including most of the Sound Effects.

Custom Spawn System: A fully functioning spawning system has been created for this project.

Secrets: Slenderman's Army features a special secret. That if you manage to find it you will unlock a secret ending however good luck as 9 outta 10 people can't find it.


Walk: Arrow Keys
Sprint: Hold Shift
Activate Flashlight: F (when found)

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Slenderman's Army 4.0

Slenderman's Army 4.0

In early Celebration of Slenderman's Army 1st Birthday we've released the much needed update to the game! Nearly all of the bugs have been fixed and we have also added a few little extras just to say thankyou for continuing to play Slenderman's Army long after it's release.

It was a beautiful shock to see that it is still getting a good amount of let's plays on youtube, when we believed that people had lost faith in the game due to it's buggy and somewhat frustrating nature.

Albeit, it's still going to day and after months of hunting around trying to find a way of fixing it, we thankfully found a coder who could help fix up the errors that were beyond us! The biggest error we faced during the time when we were "offline" from the game was an intro scene error in which people couldn't actually get PASSED the intro, due to a cache error (which meant that although all the other errors were fixed, it was sadly un-releasable)

Alongside the 8/8 Page glitch that had occured, our scripter has added a page amount to the game so that people can see how many pages they have by pausing the game, as well as fixing the invisible menu item issue that sometimes appears:

This addition makes like so much easier, and also means you know how many pages you have before you die!

Also, the batteries are now in easier to spot places, here's your first one:

Alongside this there are many little tweaks that we've made, including adding a few more page spawn points, to add more re-playability to the game, as in the first two rooms there originally were only 2 spawn points, now there are 4! Just to add a bit more to the game.

So far we've decided not to continue with the Expansion pack, this is so that we can concentrate on developing better games with a more original storyline.
Please note. that if you have already downloaded the update, then you will need to re-download the update, as there was a small problem with the Page Spawn in the previous version of 4.0. so PLEASE ensure you've updated to the latest version before playing!

and finally, I'd also like to present to you guys the ability to use the Slenderman's Army OST in your own projects, or to listen to at your leisure, as they have been released for free public use:

SMC Games

Latest Release: Slenderman's Army 3.0

Latest Release: Slenderman's Army 3.0


We've got another release for you guys to enjoy. This release is a small taste of what is to come in Mirrors of Slanciata

Newest Update: Slenderman's Army V2.5

Newest Update: Slenderman's Army V2.5


Information on the new Slenderman Army download and the Expansion pack release.

Planned Expansion Pack

Planned Expansion Pack


The popularity of Slenderman's Lullaby is slowly rising, with a good selection of LP's however we still are looking for more! Therefore SMC Games are...

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Slenderman's Army 4.0

Slenderman's Army 4.0

Full Version 2 comments

After almost a YEAR of development, Slenderman's Army 4.0 has been released, this includes the frustrating 8 Page Glitch, fixes the issues with the Intro...

Slenderman's Army V 3.0

Slenderman's Army V 3.0

Full Version

The latest version of Slenderman's Army. Please remember to download the RPG Maker VX RTP before playing!

Slenderman's Army V2.3(without RTP)

Slenderman's Army V2.3(without RTP)

Full Version

This version fixes a few errors: 1. Fixed Error with Priority for a number of Events 2. Fixed a number of Database Errors. 3. Updated the Intro to remove...

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