Welcome to SkullCrusher, where you - Crush skulls!, the game is in development by mainly myself a 1 man army, I do have a few other guys helping test this game to perfect this and help out with the sound and what not, but a majority of the time it's just me.The main idea is to have a FLUID game, that's FUN to play and addictive which from the feedback of the early demo I've somewhat achieved this.

Let me explain the mechanics:
The Skulls The idea behind it is clicking on a skull will destroy the linked skulls to those colours around it, this is plain to me so we're "beefing" it up, with different game modes, please, read on.

The Gravity You control the gravity with your right mouse button, I'm building it from the ground up with a touch phone in mind for a later release but this also means more fluid game play!

Abilities Eventually, if the game feels great with it, I'll be adding in abilities to assist the player, the idea with these abilities is to add extra juice to the game, they play as a hot key bar down the bottom, I was thinking that you can only use the furthest to the left, and the later upgrade your power, Keep in mind nothing is final if it doesn't play right, it will probably be removed, abilities are as follows:

Gravity: Gravity was going to be an ability, but I'm not sure yet if this feels like it should be a core mechanic.
Lightning Chain: This allow you to link and combo up for more score, more board clearing .etcGravity SMASH: When you move the gravity this smashes some skulls against the wall, breaking up more and add-on to your combo power.Skull Colour TURN: Turn a linking coloured skulls into a colour of your choice, to help combo up different skullsExtra Slots: You can now have more than 1 slot to pick from.Slots no longer are random: You can pick what slot you have next.There's a heap more I could add with this as you can obviously see and, if these ideas turn out to be great whether they're submitted or not, I'll leave them in.

Combo Power I have this set to add to your score, it deteriorates over time, what is probably going to happen is, making this work with your abilities, eg; Every 500 you gain 1 random ability on your action bar to use, I've got to be careful how I present everything now I don't want to wreck the flow of the game.

The Music Each skull you destroy emits a sound note to 'mess' with the music, while this has no impact, I'm going to get this working because it suits the nature of how the game works, silences with a soft beat and then each skull represents a note, I might do something with this at a later date but I want to make a fun mechanic first and build off it, but for now, just some nice tunes to crush skulls with.

The Game Modes This is what I feel will be pretty darn important, for the length of the game and to make up part of the fun, I want to implement "Time Attack Mode", "Levels aka story", "Combo", "Endless", "Hi Score server mode", "The Big 50", "Tetris" and anything else I can think of or you guys suggest!

The rest of the game I was initially thinking of having neons for a nice effect, but from the feedback I've got a lot of people didn't like them, I will probably add in different effect modes to suit everyone's needs, or use it as an unlock incentive.Thanks for reading this, although concept and ideas CAN change but this is the main "meat" of the project so to speak.

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Update #2



And we're back with another update to skullcrusher.

>Added combo audio and other audio (thanks duke!)
>Added some music tracks
>Swapped to MP3
>Fixed the swiping
>Made a game over screen to tally up scores
>Streamlined the UI, I know the graphics and menus have a long way to go
>Fixed some options not saving
>Various playable bugs fixed

While we still got a long way to go, the games coming along nicely, there's a few mechanics I want to fix and will do so there's also a boat load of things I want to add and maybe MULTI PLAYER?

Update #1

Update #1


This Update #1 is about the new menu system routine and gameplay mechanic


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