Designed as a classic tycoon game, Ski Park Tycoon is a ski resort simulation game that will put your strategic thinking skills and creativity to the test. Featuring sophisticated micromanagement, the campaign mode offers a variety of exciting missions that take at least 15 hours to complete. Enjoy the highly addictive gameplay while the sandbox mode for unlimited playability will keep you entertained long after you accomplish your last mission.

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Mar 18 2013 Anchor

Is the game compatible with Windows 8 or else do you plan to make a Windows 8 version?

Many thanks for the information,

Mar 19 2013 Anchor

Hi, yes it is Win 8 compatible. But you should try out demo first to see if it works on your hardware.

Mar 19 2013 Anchor

First of all I would like to thank you very much for creating this game. I am a great fan of tycoon games and skiing and ever since I played Transport Tycoon some 15 years ago I imagined it would be nice to have a ski resort tycoon game. I played two games of this type so far and both didn't match my expectations. Ski Resort Tycoon not felt good as it was kind of "arcade", not a serious economic tycoon game and it concentrated mostly on building a ski resort with funny buildings and not on developing ski slopes and lifts system which should be the essence of ski tycoon in my opinion. The second one I played i.e. Ski Park Manager was nice in terms of graphics, lifts and slopes, but its economic engine sucked completely... It was almost impossible to get profitable and your finance result seemed to be very random..
I played the demo version of your game so far and I will buy the full version this week for sure to support its development. So far it is really promising and can turn into a great game! However, still some work needs to be done and I am willing to help by submitting my remarks of what I perceive is an alpha version of the game.
My remarks (after limited time playing):
1. Compatibility with Windows 8
The demo ran on my laptop with Win8, however I had problems with camera controls. They worked OK for a minute or two, but afterwards I could pan the camera and zoom, but couldn't rotate it. I don't know if it is a general bug or it happens only under Windows 8...
2. Interface
Generally I think an ideal tycoon game in this regard is Transport Tycoon and Rollercoaster Tycoon series. I am pretty sure by what I see that you were also inspired by these games. And I think you should copy the soulutions from them. I personally don’t like the "right-click menu". I would place the whole main menu at the bottom of the screen and place icons there for all the things that are currently in the right-click menu. Moreover, I think basic statistic like number of skiers in the park, date, temperature and time should be visible all the time in the main menu, just as it is with no of visitors in Rolercoaster TycoonAnother thing - in the statistics section, there is no list of slopes! You can see the table with all your lifts, buildings and so on, but not with the slopes, I think that such table is essential.
3. Language
I noticed some typing errors such as "Finace", "Expence" and so on, you should take a look at that. I have many more remarks and ideas for improvement, but maybe I will post them later after playing more. Again, many thanks for the game, it's already enjoyable.
Cheers from Poland,

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Mar 20 2013 Anchor

Thanks for you review. You definitely have the same perspective on tycoon games as I do.
1- do you play with mouse or touchpad?
2- I dont see the right click menu as a problem - it was my game design decision a I will stick to it. You are right about slopes stats, I did not include it because there is no interaction with slopes, but I can add it just to make it complete.
3- I will check the spelling typos

Thanks Jan

Mar 20 2013 Anchor

1 - I played with a touchpad, will try mouse instead
2 - Of course, anyone can have his own preference in this matter. The slope stats - you are rigth there is no interaction right now. However, I would like to see a list of my slopes - their lengths, colour, denivelation and so on. A popularity of a slope would also be a nice statistic to track (for example number of skiers that skied this slope in last hour or something).


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