Designed as a classic tycoon game, Ski Park Tycoon is a ski resort simulation game that will put your strategic thinking skills and creativity to the test. Featuring sophisticated micromanagement, the campaign mode offers a variety of exciting missions that take at least 15 hours to complete. Enjoy the highly addictive gameplay while the sandbox mode for unlimited playability will keep you entertained long after you accomplish your last mission.

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A solid simulation game, in an interesting setting.


2Wayne says

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Good game, its great to see these types of games again! Hope there are more fun things to see coming soon!


nicko199624 says

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This is a brilliant game and can fully recommend it and is a steal at the price it is. You will never get bored of it, for my full review go to : It was a little to long to put on here!


Very nice game with interesting management options.
Far better than previous Ski Resort games I have tested even if the graphics are not as good as modern games.

The game is getting along really well.
However there are still alot of (graphic) bugs.
If this is developped further I will most certenly reccomend it.
For now I would suggest the game is in an Alpha state and should not be playd by the masses yet.

The gameplay is really nice.
It lets you create ski routes and lifts in a very realistic manner.

The things so far are very interesting.
I would say:
Keep up the good work and I will ammend my rating in about 6 months or so.
I will be keeping a close track on the devellopment of this game


Fun with some bugs

Game is fun and creative, but I'm playing the demo right now and I can't seem to build restaurants or resting area buildings. Also, I had to go somewhere, so I returned to the demo later after saving and closing it and now there is a "0,0 is not a floating point" error when I try to play at all


Kuroth says

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Really like it so far.. I hope the Dev will continue to support this game and come out with bug patches and hopefully add-on's..

I have not found and major bugs yet but I have just started playing...

this is awessssomeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


bolsonnn says

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