If you are looking for a breath of fresh air in the sports games and ski jumping industry, you've come to the right place. Ski Jump Simulator is a breath of memories of the iconic Deluxe Ski Jump and a complete title offering refined online ski jumping. Contrary to its name, the game is not only an ordinary simulator, but an online MMORPG, in which we pursue the career of a ski jumper at the same time facing other players.

Real game mechanics like on real hills

Ski Jump Simulator was created by the Polish studio SuperNova Interactive, which creates online games out of love. What's more, the whole team is fans of ski jumping, thanks to which the production was based on commitment and extraordinary care for the realism of virtual ski jumping, which could be seen in their previous titles. We are dealing here with a proprietary engine that is responsible for the physics of the jump itself, and it must be admitted that it was often overlooked in ski games. Currently, we can enjoy the faithfully reproduced flight of our jumper. The discussed game engine takes into account 10 different physical forces, such as air resistance, lift force, or the friction of skis on the ground, which really affect various aspects of the flight.

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As if that was not enough, the game has been diversified with a weather system, which effectively affects the jump we make. Strong winds and even thunderstorms can surprise us quite well. The whole thing is generated randomly, ensuring the uniqueness and, as a result, the variety of each jump. Each of the facilities, whether in Zakopane or Planica, is significantly different from each other. The jumps have their own specific sizes, K-Point and HS, but that's not all. Each of them has a different angle of inclination, shape and length of the landing. These features mean that the player has to develop the right tactics to successfully perform jumps in individual locations.

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A lively online game

The entire Olympic town is at the disposal of players, where we undertake various activities. You should improve your equipment, we can train and look for opportunities to earn extra money. These basic activities allow players to lead the daily life of a jumper. Of course, Ski Jump Simulator primarily offers ski jumping competitions, in which we can try our hand at the World Cup Ranking or Tournament Ranking. Thanks to this, we will take part in the well-known World Championships or the Four Hills Tournament (TCS).

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Ski Jump Simulator is a lively game. Each location can literally be explored during the jump. Added to this is the full interactivity of objects, animals and the public. The creators argue that on the hills we can even find hidden Easter Eggs! Even mentioning the animations, it must be admitted that even the fall of the jumper is "special". It is also worth mentioning that the original soundtrack of the Poznań artist Bajzel supported by the bitoelectronic collective AMBA was created for the game. The soundtrack was released as an album "Game Over", which you can listen to not only in the game, but also on streaming services.

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The most extensive ski jumping game

The game in question is certainly a unique combination of a simulator and MMORPG, which offers players an extensive storyline and online competition with other players for the title of the best jumper. The creators have also prepared a multimedia guide for the game "How to become a jumper?", Which breaks down the gameplay into prime factors and helps to discover all the secrets of the game for a beginner jumper. The production does not require installation, because we only need a web browser, the gameplay is also adapted to mobile devices. What's more, we can play it completely for free. Ski Jump Simulator offers us many originally designed locations, refined game mechanics and fun for a long time. Jump into the game and see for yourself that it is worth starting a career as a ski jumper.

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Admittedly, we waited quite a long time for the noteworthy title of the ski jumping game. Sometimes, however, patience pays off. Ski Jump Simulator has arrived on the sports games market. Inspired by the cult series Deluxe Ski Jump, the online ski jumping simulator introduces us to an adventurous and challenging online game that is not only a simulator, but also an MMORPG. What exactly can you expect from Ski Jump Simulator? Find out in today's article.

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Probably many of you remember "Małyszomania", when the topic of ski jumping reached its heights. We had a lot of fun playing ski jumping games at that time. However, since then, this subject has become a niche, despite the still lively interest in winter sports. SuperNova Interactive met the expectations by releasing Ski Jump Simulator. This is a pretty fresh take on interactive ski jumping. The entire design has been worked out with the utmost care to bring out the best features of ski jumping games and complete and improve what has been missing so far.

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Ski Jump Simulator offers us a number of challenges, and I don't mean only the storyline. Each ski jumping hill has its own rules. They differ, for example, in the angle of inclination, shape or length of the landing. That is why it is so important to develop the right tactics. Not to mention choosing the right equipment. In addition, we have to face other adversities, such as weather conditions. Often times the wind will blow our eyes or a thunderstorm will break out. Everything is randomly generated, so we never know what awaits us. This is a perfect diversion, increasing the quality of the game and the challenges we face.

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As it turns out, the physics of jump has been neglected in this type of sports games so far. Ski Jump Simulator meets this issue by making the greatest efforts to refine all aspects of the jumper's flight. In the game we are dealing with a proprietary engine based on real and hard physics. The jump of our jumper is influenced by various forces that we control. These are, for example, air resistance, lift, landing angle, friction force and some others. It is the flight mechanics that make the game eye-catching and rewarding. Moreover, the parameters of each hill are unique. As their size increases, so does the degree of difficulty. Sometimes it takes time to work out satisfactory results of jumps. However, this is a valuable aspect that poses a real challenge to players, but an interactive guide "How to become a jumper?" Has been prepared to help.

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SuperNova Interactive, responsible for the title of Ski Jump Simulator, is characterized by a passion for online games and ski jumping, thanks to which we receive a full-fledged and well-thought-out project. The game can surprise you in many ways. Sophisticated mechanics and locations that we literally explore. As a result, it is not an ordinary ski jumping simulator, but an MMORPG with a storyline. In addition, there is online competition with players from around the world for the title of the best jumper. Ski Jump Simulator is available for both browsers and mobile devices, so feel free to jump into the game, because the game is completely free.

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The game was created on the basis of the company's experience with the previous title about ski jumping - Ski Jumps. More info about oldest game on Portal MMO - ski jumping pl game.

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