Up? Down? It is difficult to orient yourself in space.

Six Sides of the World is a 3D Adventure/Puzzle in which you will have to use your logic, memory and spatial orientation to solve each of the challenges presented in the form of cube-shaped planetary systems.

Help Maigo, the little space explorer to confront each of the tricky and defiying puzzles found on the planets. Use your spatial orientation to play on every surface, test your memory remembering the sides you can’t see and learn all the functions of the interactive puzzle elements and interactions between them. Use even the planets themselves to find the solution and survive to hostile environments, situations and space hazards.


  • An original puzzle: Enjoy creative, defying and engaging puzzles set on the faces of the cubic planets.
  • Suitable for all: Non-linear progression with different difficulty levels. Follow the easy levels to end the game, explore the optional ones to face a real challenge.
  • Easy to control: Playable with the mouse and only one button.
  • Original music: Composed by Carlos Viola.
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After most than three years working on this project on my spare time, at last, it will be released in two days on Steam. Let's start with the game trailer.

And some screenshots:

And here is the interesting part. How is the final game?

Ok, instead of copy-paste the same information that you can find in the store page I'll tell you some curiosities about the game. You know, there are puzzles, cubic planets, camera twists, a little space explorer called Maigo, deadly lasers and explosions, tons of elements to play with and the kind of stuff that you can usually find in adventure/puzzle games. You can watch the videos and read the game description and the official page.

The game features 50 levels with more than 60 puzzles, each one different to the other ones. Some are easier, to allow all kind of people to complete the game, others are harder to complete, for those who want a real challenge. It's something inspired by Super Mario games, if you find the secret/harder exit you will go to a more challenging secret level. You can finish the game, but you have to dig deeper to complete it at 100%.

How did I think on the idea of cubic planets? Like other games, Six Sides of the World was created in a game jam. It was one of the finalists and I wanted to expand the core idea, and after more than three years working on my spare time, here is the final verson. Perhaps it's not like I first imagined it (much more complex and with much more content), but I'm very proud of it.

And how long does it takes to beat it? If you're very clever, the first run will take you about 6 hours, but the average time is about 7 and half or eight.

I hope you to play and enjoy the game.


Emilio José L. Joyera @LordCyberon

Six Sides Of The World

Game content Finished!

Game content Finished!

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At last! All the game levels of Six Sides of the World are completed! Only months to launch!

Working Slowly but safely on Six Sides of the World

Working Slowly but safely on Six Sides of the World


After april, the development process of Six Sides of the World has been slowed down for several circumstances, but the game is still progressing, and...

April 2015 update

April 2015 update


After a new beta test, some changes and updates have been done in graphics, gameplay and design. With only some minor tweaks and bug fixing, the next...



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Some days ago, Six Sides of the World was finally greenlighted. This is a post about the overall game progress since the las update on June 2014


This is a cool concept, will be tracking. Will definitely be interested in seeing how this turns out! Best of luck!

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