Served Cold is a top-down 2D puzzler inspired by the likes of Pokemon, The Witness and Candy Crush. Swipe on the screen to move the Ice-cube towards the cup through sixty different levels in four different worlds. Each level differs from the last with a variety of different elements that will attempt to stop you from reaching the next level. Served Cold is great to play on the commute to work, before bed, in the bathroom or just whenever time arises. There is no waiting to advance to the next level or punishment for failure so you can just sit back and relax and kill some time.

In Served Cold you will play through four different worlds themed around the four seasons; Winter, Summer, Spring and Autumn, each with a distinct look and feeling. In each world you will run into new and interesting challenges, combining your knowledge of the previous levels with new elements. These elements include walls, fans, teleporters, switches and puzzles with asynchronous characters. Together these elements will form the sixty levels you will play through across the four worlds. The first world you play through will be free but after that you can pay to unlock all of the remaining worlds for $0.99.

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Hey everyone!

So Served Cold went live three days ago and we have really struggled to make any traction on the google play store, daily active users slumped down to 3 within the first 2 days and has been steadily decreasing ever since. Feedback on the release is non-existent so making progress towards a feature update is made more difficult every time a user stops playing.

When the game released we used SlideDB, reddit and twitter as a platform for marketing. However, the marketing campaign did not gain as much traction as we had hoped leaving the launch dead in the waters. For those who don't know here the trailer

What we learnt:

Marketing is hard.

Marketing is one part of the process that was unaccounted until the later weeks, the time needed to make a successful is much more than what was initially thought. As soon as we had something to show, we needed to make more of a campaign to garner an audience rather then hope they would come to us.

Retention, retention, retention...

One of the biggest problems we are facing after we attain a user is keeping that user interested in the game. At the moment we are current averaging around 1.3 sessions per user per day, meaning that most people are opening the app once during the day and then closing it. Surprisingly on average the users are playing anywhere around 13 minutes on average per session. Getting the user back after this higher then average play time is a major flaw in our design and will attempted to be addressed in the upcoming update.


Content doesn't last forever

After players are finished with the initial levels, all possible content is done and leaves the player wanting more. Although this issue seems like an obvious one, it is an important one as this directly leads to uninstalls and thus a diminishing player base. More levels will be added in with the most recent update in an attempt to address this.

These were the biggest issues we faced post-release and have been attempting to address as we work towards putting out this update. If you'd like to play and give us some feedback or just sit back relax and try your hand at some puzzles you can download here:

get it on google play 2

Served Cold now Released !

Served Cold now Released !


The team has been working hard and has now released Served Cold for free on the Google play store.

Served Cold - Pre-Release Update !

Served Cold - Pre-Release Update !


Getting ready for our upcoming release we update our art, fix our bugs and get ready for the google play store.

Sliding into Beta!

Sliding into Beta!


Swipe the Ice-cube into the cup in over 60 different levels in this 2D puzzler.

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