Playing Serious Sandy intends to touch your 90s-plattformer-hearts. Games like Commander Keen, Halloween Harry and Jazz Jackrabbit serve as a model. Fresh gameplay features, a trash-comedy storyline and lots of strange and exotic characters guarantee you lots of fun.

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My plans for Serious Sandy


Planed features and content

- 20 challenging levels
- 6 varied level settings
- 5 unique and later combinable powers that you can absorb of eliminated enemies
- a very serious Sandy

What already works

- movement and collision
- score and health system

Next to do

- complete essential gameplay mechanics
- redo tileset for the first level setting
- enhance and refine Sandy's sprites and animations
- power-absorb-system
- first enemies- level 1-3

Long term goals

- create the first boss-enemy
- further tilesets and levels
- create a public demo containing the first three levels of the game

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Latest tweets from @root_attack

I am working on a complete new tileset style and it will be great! :)

Dec 20 2012

#myouyagame is called Serious Sandy and it is an old school platformer like Commander Keen or Jazz Jackrabbit with some fresh elements :)

Dec 18 2012

Sandy 0.5 is already animated. She is just a prototype for testing and will be improved later :)

Dec 18 2012

#myouyagame Sandy needs the ouya console so she can rescue her boyfriend from evil aliens in an oldschool-platformer-way! Help her! ;)

Dec 17 2012

Similar to the Kirby games you will be able to use the power of dead enemies for your own purposes :)

Dec 17 2012

There's a lot of work to do but I am very motivated :)

Dec 17 2012

First public screenshot! Yeah! :) The game is still lacking many decorations and elements to bring it alive

Dec 17 2012

Sandy was at a halloween party dressed in a mime-clown costume when capitalistic aliens abducted all who were present

Dec 16 2012

The gameplay is meant to bring back the memories of playing games like Commander Keen, Alien Carnage or Jazz Jackrabbit

Dec 16 2012

I'm an independent game developer and I'm working on a platformer called Serious Sandy. Stay tuned!

Dec 16 2012