3D open world two player physics based surfing game with contest feature. Learn to surf, explore the islands for new breaks. Beat your friend in a friendly contest. Get the best wave scores by surfing the waves good.

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Search For Surf, one of three surfing video games released in the past two years, is now the first to have a split screen where two players can surf at the same time.

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Paddle around and catch the same waves, teach each other to surf, and find new spots together in this one of a kind surfing simulation experience. Compete for the same waves with the contest feature, where you choose the time and number of waves to count, and simulates a real life surfing contest. Catch as many waves as you can in the time period, and get scored on ride length, maneuvers (shwacks), wave size, difficulty, and your speed on the wave, with a judges computer based algorithm that will drive competitors crazy. Don't be afraid to snake your friend, because in this full contact version there is no penalty for dropping in on the other surfer.


Of course there is still the single player option to explore the islands and find new breaks, but now you'll want to get the spots wired, so when you hold a contest you won't be embarrassed by your friends who rip. Each of the 10 breaks has it's own character from fast small sandbar breaks, to giant reef breaks, and long point breaks. You'll spend hours at each one, learning the best way to surf it, because surfing is hard, and surfing video games deserve to emulate that quality. No pampering in this game. Paddle out, duck dive waves, get in the right spot to takeoff, and time your takeoffs. Pump down the line to get past a fast section, and cutback when the wave mushes out. Airs and tube rides are possible but there are no arcade tricks or crazy button combos. This game appeals to true surfers. Now with wave scores and contests your hard play and developed abilities will pay off when you play against your friends. Here's a list of features to enjoy.

Two player requires two xbox controllers

Features include:

  • First person camera
  • Players can explore on land
  • Jet skis to ride for free at the press of a button
  • Choice of character
  • Wave score
  • Leaderboard (currently Steam version only)
  • Contest any time any where
  • 10 breaks and maybe even more by now
  • Duck diving
  • Easy cheat put me at the spot where I can easily catch a wave button
  • Physics based surfing and tricks
  • Easy camera overview for beginners
  • 3 easy beginner breaks
  • 3D Open world
  • Secret spots
  • Dolphins (they don't do anything but they are there)
  • Xbox controller support and keyboard and mouse

Available now on Steam Search For Surf on steam

Or visit and get the game from the Search For Surf webpage:

Search For Surf website

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