ScrumbleShip is the most accurate space combat simulation devised to date. Gather resources, construct a capital ship out of individual blocks, then pilot it with AI or human help against other players.

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Allot's Anastasia
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Anastasia is a MSC (Multi-purpose Small Cruiser).
It is a decently cheap ship that can do most things decently.
She has a crew of 2-4 People. But as it is a multi-purpose cruiser it can easily be refitted for the cause you need it for.
It is often used as a small tourist craft. Not to expensive and with a nice viewing deck.
It have weapon system if an attack would occur.

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This is a picture of the ship Anastasia just leaving the shipyard for its first journey. A ship that many are told as bednight stories around the universe. A ship that is now a story across the galaxy. The ship was lost on its maiden voyage. The reason no other pictures of the ship exist is because it was tasked to deliver something classified across the galaxy. It was only disguised as a tourist craft.
It was when it was passing through the Vanerian Nebula it happened. It is said that a large darkness swept over and engulfed the nebula and Anastasia. A few moments later it was all gone. The entire nebula had dissapeared and it had taken the Anastasia with it.

Every now and then a feint long distance message is picked up from a ship that has encountered Anastasia after it went missing. The messages are mostly alike. They each speak of a ship appearing out or pure darkness. All FTL travel goes offline the exact same moment.
Anastasia slowly drifts closer to the ship even without using any kind of engine. It merely drifts slowly closer... always closer.
It is no use to escape. Even with engines on full power the Anastasia gets ever closer exactly as fast as before. Not even powering anything up. Scans show nothing from the ship but a feint energy reading "walking around" the ships interior. When it gets very close the ships crew usually panic. Once it touches your ship all lights turns off. Then a feint sound come from the airlock as it starts to operate.
Then the message ends just before the airlock opens.

One message has been different than the rest. The message was badly damaged but with some experts working on it for several months they managed to piece some parts together. It is a picture, it was taken of something the crew spotted in the bridge of Anastasia.

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dirkson Author

Hey, neat, our first bit of creepypasta!


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Sounds a lot the the book Death Troopers (Star Wars zombies), also, cool design.

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