ScrumbleShip is the most accurate space combat simulation devised to date. Gather resources, construct a capital ship out of individual blocks, then pilot it with AI or human help against other players.

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zero's awesome sauce asteroid base, with open bar
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Heya. Sorry for the render error, but that's as best as I could get it.

This, is a Shipwreck turned into a Mining Outpost. A lone spacecraft was thrown off course as it erroneously navigated through an asteroid belt, and ended up crashing into a large asteroid. It bored a rather sizable hole in the asteroid, melting the steel, iron, tin, and lead of the impact zone of the asteroid (as well as most of the ship itself!). The crew was lucky enough to survive the ordeal, whereas the ship whoever, was mangled, melted and folded on itself so much that it hardly looked like a spacecraft anymore.

Thankfully, many supplies survived, and non-melted pieces of the ship were salvaged and re-purposed. The raw material that the ship held was used to construct a small base. From there, a distress beacon was delivered to the crews' mothership.

Supplies and building materials were dropped off, and the shipwrecked crew stayed behind, who had decided to turn this immense hunk of metal careening through space into a profitable endeavor. Strapping rockets onto the back end of it, and erecting a solar array for renewable energy and power, these spacemen turned asteroid miners began an operation that transformed a horrible accident into a hugely profitable success, giving their small band of star-faring souls a more than plentiful amount of raw materials for building and selling.

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Just as a note, the green spot is a marker for the large mining drill :)
(I haven't built it yet!)

Another note, I got that orange/yellow glow with a little tinkering in the components file :) Those are actually the rocket engines themselves giving off that light!

91 0 0 0 255 160 30 rocketon rocket -1 0

The "255 160 30" (last attributes before the filename (yes those are RGB color values)) bit specifies the color of the light that particular component will give off. You can do this for any component, with any color light!
The Laser looks particularly menacing when it bathes surrounding blocks in green light!
( 0 0 0 means the component doesn't give off light )

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Cool asteroid base! Really looks like people are living inside. What a cool concept, and it'll eventually be totally possible in the game! You could live on the asteroid while you mine it.

Very neat trick, modifying the rocket to give off golden light! So you say you can do that with ANY component? Suddenly there are so many possibilities! Laser rifle racks and terminals come to mind as something that should glow faintly. And yeah, I bet the laser looks awesome with a menacing green glow. Thanks for the tip!

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Thanks! Asteroid bases are cool, I had to build one.

Yep, you can do it with any component. It's not perfect though, as the light will build on itself if you have a lot of clustered rockets and turn greenish and white. It also doesn't light/unlight in real time either, and you have to hit F12 to see the new light.

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Zero did work and made this base of pure awesome beauty.

This image is released on a CC-BY-ND 3.0 license

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