Schroedinger's Bunny is a fast paced, rogue-like, Action-Platformer, with permadeath, where you have to clear each level in time to gain the maximum points.

8 characters with unique abilities
8 different enemies (incl. Secret Boss)
4 different areas with randomly generated levels
6 upgradeable attributes for your character
Hardcore Mode without shop or timebonus

Each level is randomly generated and requires different strategies from you. If you get stuck or fear the next step, you can always flee through a portal at the start and visit the shop to spend your gathered credits on boni to help you survive the next stage.
Some Enemies drop Items that let you discover new environments.

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Video Reviews


Some Youtube reviews of Schroedinger´s Bunny in English and German :)

The english gameplay & commentary by the Indie Game Promoter:

The german "Let´s Test" by ThightdayLP:

Check it out if you want some moving pictures of the game!

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Schroedinger´s Bunny FULL VERSION

Schroedinger´s Bunny FULL VERSION

Full Version 2 comments

This is the full version of Schroedinger´s Bunny. All known bugs are fixed and the Online Highscore is ready to be conquered by your Score! Enjoy and...

Schroedinger´s Bunny

Schroedinger´s Bunny

Full Version 1 comment

This is the BETA 0.9. Full release with complete music and minor bugfixes is coming soon!

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