"As the void echoes through the darkened halls of Redsite Laboratories, the one who remains awakens to his new reality. Unbeknownst to him, he will be the one to decide the fate of his peers"


Terceris is a story-centric platformer/adventure hybrid game that follows Dr. Eric Terceris and the Redsite Expeditionary Force as they fight to revolutionize a dystopian world ruled by a worldwide empire known as the Eternal Ascendancy. Join Dr. Terceris and his team in an exciting, pixel-based adventure that brings a dark, immersive story and a whole new world of challenges.

Play as the titular doctor as you discover new worlds, fight for your life against dangerous enemies, explore a wide range of areas, discover the lore of a fallen Earth, face bosses with an adapting AI, and use your skills to platform across challenging boards. Secrets and twists await as you venture through the mysterious yet exciting story of Dr. Terceris and Redsite Laboratories!

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The world of Terceris has a wide range of characters with complicated stories and personalities. Now that you're familiar with the Redsite Expeditionary Force and the Grandmasters of the Eternal Ascendancy, it's time to introduce several other villains of the series that go against Redsite.


Lord Zaltrin Krono, the Sorcerer of Fate, is the executioner and disciple of Emperor Tairous. He is trained in the dark arts of sorcery by the Emperor himself, and is used by the Grandmasters to destroy and execute high-priority targets. Establishing the Krono Arms as a subsidiary military force to the Ascendancy, Lord Krono is deployed by the Emperor to bring Redsite to an end. He is insane, powerhungry, and will do whatever it takes to be victorious, even if that means putting himself or his own allies in danger. Lord Krono is one of the three main antagonists of the game.


Aeri Aosune, otherwise known under codename "Hellstorm", is an enigmatic assassin who was a failed subject of an illegal human experimentation project. Once Human, the fox now aims to viciously hunt down everything associated with her past in a hate-filled agenda to erase herself from existence. She is quiet, soft-spoken, and emotionally conflicted. Wanting nothing but to eradicate herself and everything about her, Hellstorm's mind is divided between a violent, primal monster and a scared, lonely individual. Details about her are shrouded in mystery and hate, though there is something deep within her calling for help... Hellstorm is one of the three main antagonists of the game.

Marecan King

The Marecan King is a fiery demon that rules over the Marecan race. Created from a Marecan chosen by a demon to become the next king of the race, the Marecan King exercises full control over the semi-sentient cave dwelling race and is tasked to forge new Marecans from fire. Lord Krono had manipulated and enslaved the Marecan King, which in turn caused the entire race to become subjects of Lord Krono, in order to create his army. Although the Marecan King no longer has a voice against the Sorcerer of Fate, he internally wishes for Krono's death and waits for the optimal moment to gain his freedom.


I̷̼͊ ̸̜͙͂̎A̸̫̻̚M̴͓̼͌̅ ̵̭͌͝Ṭ̵̋̆H̵͇́̈́ͅȨ̴̥̈͐ ̶̡̭̇̿L̸̙̣̓I̷͍̽G̵͎̲̏H̴͖͑T̵̜͑̕.̶̄͛ͅ ̵̛̦͓Î̷̗͐ ̵̘̃Ä̴̚͜M̷͕͛ ̸̠̝͗̂Ť̸͈̈Ḧ̶̨̋E̶̗͓̿ ̶̨̀D̵̛̖̄A̴̭͓͒R̸̟̿K̶̝͇͋̌N̷̛̘E̴͆ͅS̸̠̈̒S̷̫͝.̷͕̣̈ ̴͍́Í̷̝͖͛ ̶͍̈́͠A̶̰̣͆M̷̢̯̊ ̶̡̈́̈́T̷͇͂H̶͙̙͐E̴̓ͅ ̴̛̹͕̌E̵͚̖͂N̵̩̈D̷̞̆͝.̷͓̗͋

Puppet Master

Krono's feared ally, the Puppet Master is a mysterious creature from an unknown dimension. Nobody knows where it comes from, what its intentions are, or what it even is in the first place. Not robotic, yet not alien, the Puppet Master specializes in controlling living creatures like puppets, utilizing strange beams made of light that pierces through skin. While the Puppet Master appears to be loyal to Lord Krono, not even the sorcerer understands the creature or knows of any ulterior intentions.


The Dodat is a highly prestigious title within the criminal underworld, and the one Jeffery Lynch holds that title with pride. As the most powerful, rich, influential, and dangerous crime boss on the planet, Dodat and his gangs hold control over an entire city with its entire population as their hostages. Caring for nothing but money and power, Dodat had enforced his way into establishing a criminal empire and created a coalition of many criminal gangs under his rule: The Back Alley Syndicate


That's all of the major characters for now. Coming up next, an introduction to the alien races of Terceris.

Terceris will be released around the end of 2020.

Interested in the game and its development? Be sure to check us out on: Twitter | Discord | Wiki (WIP)

Meet the Characters - Grandmasters of the Eternal Ascendancy

Meet the Characters - Grandmasters of the Eternal Ascendancy


Meet the cast of Terceris! Next, the primary antagonists of the game, the Grandmasters of the Eternal Ascendancy.

Meet the Characters - Redsite Expeditionary Force

Meet the Characters - Redsite Expeditionary Force


Meet the cast of Terceris! First up, the members of the Redsite Expeditionary Force (REF), the main protagonists of the game.

Intro to Terceris

Intro to Terceris


An introduction to the upcoming story-centric run and gun platformer.


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