"One , two, three; let's play hide and seek...

Four, five, six; run away from me...

Seven, eight, nine; the three hollowed you hide...

Ten; I'm here."

- "The Aged Tree", the game's theme song

Horror game about hiding from monsters, not fighting them

Scarred Stars is a psychological survival horror game, without any combat. Your only option to save yourself from the horrible monsters that lurk in the shadows is to hide from them.


It's the year 1985. Asuka had always been a good girl but she had a friend who was bad influence on her; Momoko. Momoko always tried to egg Asuka onto doing mischevious, bad things. However, one day Momoko actually insists that the duo break into an abandoned amusent park as a dare, only for things to take ugly turn...

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First review of the game is positive and it got 8.7 score!

I have never played a game like this before, at least not on this scale

Read the whole review here

Wishlist the game today


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