Help Jack to escape from the volcano where he is trapped in this fast, hand-crafted, 2d platformer.


Jack did it, he finally realized his dream of becoming a researcher, but something sadly went wrong... It seems that this will be his first and last research... Unless... Can you help him get home? It will be a very challenging journey!


  • Adrenalinic and precise platformer in pixel art.
  • Dangerous traps to avoid scattered along the paths.
  • Get the collectibles for a better score.
  • Local and Online records to compare with players all over the world, the game is very suitable for speedrun..


Go up from the dephts of the volcano, level after level, using fast and precise platformer mechanics and avoiding the dangers along the way such as: lava, fireballs, hot geysers and many more. But be careful not to end the oxygen, which is missing due to the eruption, that must be continually refilled by using the emergency tanks scattered throughout the levels. Also try to recover the collectibles to get a better score, especially the precious research documents.

And more to come! The game is in development and we need your feedback : )


DreamOnGames are:

AceOfSpad3s: Artist

L3on: Programmer

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The fall of the rocks caused by the eruption of the volcano has brought out new escape routes and the poor Doc Jack finds himself inside an old mine. Apparently, in the past, someone extracted minerals from the volcano, but now the Mine is completely flooded by lava.
Will Jack survive this too?

indieDB mine01


In this new stage, Jack will interact with a new object: the Mine Cart.
Once jumped in, the cart will start moving, allowing him to overcome some very dangerous areas.

indieDB mine04

After all the time passed, the rails could be broken,
but the lightness of the cart allows Jack to perform small jumps, useful to avoid unpleasant falls.

indieDB mine05

indieDB mine06

We are continuing to work on new stages and new mechanics that we will reveal in the coming weeks.

indieDB mine02

indieDB mine03

More to come soon, Stay Tuned!

Devlog: Slide and new backgrounds

Devlog: Slide and new backgrounds

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We are designing new game mechanics and also working on new backgrounds.

Update 1.0b

Update 1.0b

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First update after the release of Saving Doc Jack Demo.

The Demo of Saving Doc Jack has emerged from the lava!

The Demo of Saving Doc Jack has emerged from the lava!


We have just released a demo for our in development game Saving Doc Jack!

Saving Doc Jack Gameplay Trailer

Saving Doc Jack Gameplay Trailer


This is the first Gameplay Trailer of Saving Doc Jack.

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Saving Doc Jack demo 1.0

Saving Doc Jack demo 1.0


SavingDocJack demo 1.0: a fast, hand-crafted, 2d platformer, currently in development for Windows.


This game looks really fun!!!

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