Sarah The Forgotten

On a sunny summer day in 1867 the Johnson family went on a picnic in the woods.
After having a great picnic Sarah and her brother Steve were allowed to play on the open field where they had their picnic .
They were playing hide and seek, while Steve was counting from 1 to 20, Sarah ran into the woods to hide. As soon as steve was done he started searching for Sarah, ten minutes later when he gave up he started to call her. But Sarah did not respond, Steve yelled her name and Mr and Ms. Johnson did too. But there was no Sarah. As soon as it started to get dark the family stopped searching.
They went to the sherrif's office reporting the missing child. The sherrif said he would start searching the next day. But that night bandits came and burned down the village. There were no survivors, the bandits took all valueble things and got away.

You're Brian, a detective who investigates cases of missing people. You got a call from a friend of you named Eric, he says he found a dairy in his backyard when he was digging out a tree stump and looks like something interesting for you. You decide to come over and take a look. This diary belongs to ....... Johnson ''Dear Diary, Today we went out for a picnic at the Hazlewood forest, Sarah and Steve were playing hide and seek when Sarah got lost in the forest. I hope the sherrif can br...."
You think it's something interesting to investigate and ask Eric if he knows where the Hazlewood forest is. Eric tells you the forest is very close just 3 miles from his house. It's starting to get dark so you decide to go there the next morning and take your dog Isa.

You arrive at a open field where multiple people are having a picnic and there's children playing.
You think this is the spot where the Johnson's had their picnic aswell.
You're just taking a look around when the weather starts to change, clouds come in and it starts to get grey/dark.
It starts to storm and you and Isa return to your car. You see everyone take their stuff and get to their cars/bikes.
When you take off Isa's leash she runs into the open field and then stops. You got after her but when you're just 20 feet away from her she starts to run into the woods. You decide to go after her and run as fast as you can, deep into the woods. When you're almost giving up you see Isa. She's standing on some kind of road and grab her, you put her leash back on. You follow the road and come across a wooden shelter. You decide to go inside and wait for the storm to stop. In the shelter you find a old bed without matrass, a small stove and a locked chest. It's getting late and starts to get dark, you decide to spent the night as it has still not stopped raining.
You lie down and close your eyes. Suddenly you hear a loud noise in the middle of the night, you stand up and look around trough the little window in the cabin. You can't see anything untill....

Sarah The Forgotten...

P.S: You start playing where the text stops.

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Update #1


Here's some new basic info on our current status.

  • Game Engine chosen to work with for best experience.
  • Basic landscaping has been done.
  • Open field and part of the forest have been made.
  • New cinematic trailer to be released soon.
  • New logo being created as this one is ugly ;P


can't wait! X)

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SaraTheForgotten Creator

Awesome thank you!

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Tracking :) Looks good.

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